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Originally Posted by InLuvWithALifer View Post
I am so sorry honey, I'd be equally as devastated by such a loss. Why they don't check in P.A is beyond me. It might be because he is on a block especially for inmates who've been well behaved for at least 10+years. Maybe it is just that block? I can't say for sure.
I don't know, but as soon as I saw the little plastic baggie the post office puts damaged mail in sitting in my mailbox and saw how thin the envelope was, my heart fell through the asphalt. Brought it inside, took it out of the bag, and saw that the closing flap had been torn off and there was no sign whatsoever on the envelope that they even tried to seal it but that the adhesive didn't work right or anything like that. When I called up the mail room to see if the contents might be sitting somewhere, they said everything outside an envelope gets tossed. Hubby had had one of the people on his block make me something and then was moved to another block before he mailed my letter, so when the person on the mail room phone said "well maybe it can be resent," it took everything within me not to tell her off that that was impossible now.
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