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I have already chosen - green burial (shroud, no embalming, nature preserve). My father was a minister, and he's been properly buried and mourned. My brother's dead and properly mourned. It's not that I'm incapable, it's simply that we had no respect for our mother; she emotionally destroyed everyone she was around. And was told she was doing it, and justified it because she just had to be right.

And remember, funerals and memorial services and such are for the living. They are our way of showing our feelings, and my brother and I did. Respect is earned, but she never earned or showed any interest in earning it. We were browbeaten, maligned, dismissed, berated (I have this insanely clear memory of being sat down for an hour and a half lecture/rant about getting a B+ in handwriting on a report card). Our respect mean nothing to her, and in return, we gave her none. We were simply glad that the poison was no longer dripping into the porches of our ears.
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