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think probation should be offered for any first dope charge but the first 90 or so days should be locked up. Only to detox and get a clear vision on what freedom really is and how it feels to be stripped of everything you love to realize what you have (or had). Drugs arent only for the bottom feeders of the world. Everyone loves to escape reality once in awhile but eventually the drug overpowers and that weekend habit turned into an everyday, all day thing. I come from a great home. Loving parents. No childhood abuse to blame my addiction on. I was just sick of living every day by the book and never having fun. Oct 2012 I tried meth. Feb 2013 was my first arrest. Bonded out, dec 2013 I received 6 years probation. 1 month later the task force beat down my door and I caught my 2nd. Got 4 years tdc and did 2.5 years. Denied parole 3 times. When I initially bonded out all I could think about was reupin so i could get back in business. When i got out after 2.5 years all i wanted to do was hug my family. The month I was on probation they tried to help me And get me the treatment I needed but i didn't want it. I even told my prob officer no judge or piece of paper is going to keep me from doing drugs. A little over being on it for a year my life was consumed with nothing but meth. Prison will either get you on a straight and narrow or teach you how to be a better drug dealer. I believe prison is a great place to sober up and gives you the time and the ability to reflect on life and come up w a better plan. The key to staying sober is what you come home to and a strong family who supports you, willing to stand up to you and tell you when you're screwing up.
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