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Originally Posted by jsanner View Post
This will probably come to as a surprise for you. Both those same private prison lobbyists donate pretty much equally to both parties. Neither side really wants prison reform.

So where was all the outrage 5 years ago when Obama was abandoning prison reform?

Do a search for Obama and prison reform.....numerous articles:

Obama Just Announced Sweeping Reforms To The Prison System - January 26,2016

Obama's prison reform pitch to highlight soaring costs of incarceration - July 14, 2015

Obama Visits Prison in Push for Reform - July 16, 2015

How Barack Obama has reformed America’s prisons - January 28, 2016

Obama appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General in 2008 (he served 6 years under Obama)

Attorney General Holder Announces President Obama’s Budget Proposes $173 Million for Criminal Justice Reform - March 4, 2014

Obama commuted how many sentences between 2009 - 2017? (List Here) More than any other President. Ever.

However, this thread is NOT about Obama. If anyone has forgotten the topic of this thread, please go back to the OP and read through the posts.


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