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Originally Posted by susan the finn
Sad news... I was wondering if any of you people who wrote to miss Pike never heard of her? Did she answer to any of you?

Yes, Christa already wrote several letters to me. We are in very close contact. Usually she's very bad in writing letters since she made bad experiences with pen-friends in the past. Some published her letters online or offered them in the internet for sale.

I only can say the very best about Christa. The bad news about her are out of the past, the whole lot.
The new conviction is because of an incident that happened in 2001. That's 3 years ago. You won't find any bad news about Christa regarding the recent years.
At that time the incident in 2001 happened she did not get the right medication. Christa has several mental disorders. Thus, the medication has to be correct, but in 2001 it wasn't since nobody took care about her.

I visited Christa several times personally and I consider her as one of my dearest friends. We are in close contact for several years now and I never would like to miss her anymore.

Christa loves to get many cards and letters but she herself is not good at writing or answering.
But to brighten her days a little bit and to make her smile is very important in her situation.

Therefore - even if the media tries to illustrate her as a monster, that's not the truth.
Christa is just a normal young woman, full of emotions and desires as everyone of us. She is neither a monster nor an angel.

She made terrible mistakes in the past but she pays for that every day and night.