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Default Death row inmate Christa Pike convicted of attacking fellow inmate.

July 1, 2004

NASHVILLE (AP) -- A death row inmate has been
convicted of trying to strangle a fellow inmate at the
Tennessee Prison for Women.

The crime involved Tennessee's most notorious female
prisoners. A jury in Nashville found Christa Gail Pike
guilty. The 28-year-old inmate will be sentenced

Pike, of Durham, North Carolina, is under sentence of
death in the torture killing of fellow Job Corps
student Coleen Slemmer on the University of Tennessee
agricultural campus in Knoxville.

Prosecutors say Slemmer was stabbed and beaten for at
least 30 minutes by Pike and her boyfriend, Tadaryl
Shipp in 1995.

Pike will be sentenced later on the new conviction of
attempted first-degree murder. Authorities say inmate
Patricia Jones was unconscious when Gail was pulled
off of her.

Throughout the trial, Pike's lawyers maintained their
client was acting in defense of a third inmate,
Natasha Cornett, whom Jones had threatened numerous

Cornett is serving three life sentences for leading a
group of Kentucky teenagers to kidnap a family at a
Greene County rest stop in 1997 and kill the parents
and one young child.

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