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From what I have learned from a close family member of mine, I also agree that there is abuse going on @ OCC. I have come to the conclusion from what I have heard is that their treatment methods are horrific. I have been told that one of the treatment exercises is to have an offender sit in the middle of a circle surrounded by other offenders. These offenders on the outside of the circle have been instructed to say and yell insults at the offender in the middle. Itís a no holds bar and the inmates can say what ever they what to be little the man in the middle. What form of treatment is that to lower ones self esteem? How is that going to help a drug offender reform? I have also heard that parts of the camp will go on the 72 hour or longer day treatment. This treatment is when the inmates have to sit with their elbows sitting on their legs and they have to sit there and not move a muscle for hour upon hours. I guess the offender is lucky that the DOC will allow them a 15 minute break every other hour to stretch and use the bathroom. I have been told that if you move then will you be removed from the program. There have been guys who have accidents on themselves because of not having been allowed to use the bathroom!!!!

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