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Well, forsaking all others does mean that you are vowing to put that person above all people/things on this earth. That is why it is very important to know and trust the person that you marry, because that relationship comes only second to God. It is a serious vow and many are entering into marriage without really thinking about what that means. You have to be sure that the person you marry has the same priorities as you. So when he/she marries you, they will also have the people/things you love in mind and vice versa when making choices for this union. That is why communication is of the utmost importance in a relationship, so that each one of you can know what is a priority for eachother. You should know eachothers opinion on everything from keeping the house clean/chores to how and where you want to raise your children. I don't agree that you put their happiness before yours, because those things that make him/her happy will become what makes you happy and vice versa. Then their is compromise. If their is someone that is not healthy for your relationship then you may have to put them on ice, but this should be a mutual decision. If you are family oriented, he/she should be family oriented. If you feel that making this vow would somehow compromises your relationship with your child/children then you should not marry before discussing how you will relate to the children together and separately. I believe that my husband knows how important my children are to me and has seen how I deal with my children and I know that he has my childrens best interest in mind because he has not only developed a relationship with my children but has also built an understanding of my love and expectations for my children and vice versa with his daughter. So now the children are not mine and his, they are ours and we discuss the type of things we want for them and how we are going to go about obtaining them. I think this is very important because if you were to die tomorrow, you would need to have someone in your children's lives that would do right by them. So again I say don't marry anyone if you have doubts about trusting him/her with your vows.
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