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Default What you CAN and CANNOT send to an inmate at SQ

Items you CAN send to SQ:

Binder Paper (50 sheets at a time)
Postal Stamps, 2 books at a time (for Reception inmates, send extra books of stamps. The inmates can use them to buy/trade things until they are allowed to go to the canteen).
Ink Pens (must be CLEAR, with no rubber grip or anything extra, you can mail 2 per envelope)
Envelopes (plain, they can be pre-addressed and stamped)
Photos, (no more than 5 per envelope, and no larger than 8x10)
Greeting cards (plain, no foil, glitter, metal springs, etc.)
Magazines and paperback books- must be shipped from the vendor (example: Barnes and Noble....NO MAGAZINES FOR RECEPTION INMATES)
News Paper Subscriptions (NOT FOR RECEPTION INMATES)
Money Orders -(made out to the inmate, with ALL inmate info-U.S. Postal Service Money Orders are the best) ** You can also use JPay to send money to an inmate online !! **
Padded Envelopes- (bubble wrap lined, etc- used to send paper, pens, etc.)
Anything on the “Approved” vendor list, on each vendor’s website (for quarterly/special purchases, SQ specificly...FYI...RECEPTION inmates cannot receive quarterly or special packages.)

Items you CANNOT send to SQ:

Frontal Nudity Photos
Phone Calling Cards
Stickers or Tape- None on/inside ANYWHERE
Anything Wire, Metal, or Plastic
“Spiral” Notebooks
Cash or Checks
Photos larger than 8x10

For information on what CAN and CANNOT be sent to an inmate on DR, please contact the San Quentin mailroom. Just dial the main number, and press "0" to speak with the operator. You can then ask to be transferred to the mailroom.

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