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I'm sorry - but this does sort of offend me.

Is this the right forum to be stating these beliefs?
Don't get me wrong - I'm all for the right to speak your mind - but what good does it do.

Originally Posted by simplyamazed
Well all i can say about this matter is what I have read. I do not know Christa Pike personally. But what i do know about what she has done, i have no desire to get to know her. Yes she is portrayed as a monster, that is a name she deserves to have. I will not send her cards of encouragement, can i send a card of encouragement to colleen slemmer? She may have been young, and some say shes probally crazy. But during the brutal slaying of colleen, she actually sated she walked away to see if someone was coming. Thats not the actions of someone who doesnt realize what they are doing. Some people want to use her up bringing as her excuse for the choices she has made. Well does that mean that every molested child will grow up and be a child molester, does that mean that every child who has witnessed there father beating on there mother will grow up to be an abusive spouse, I dont think so. We all are given the chance to make our own choices. My up bringing was not good. Worse than what i know about Christa's. But I'm not going out and brutually taking someones life. Instead I went to school, college, and made something of myself. I have a wonderful job and a great family. Christa's made her bed. She needs to lie in it, until Ms. Slemmers family can finally come to peace and Christa is put to death. Im sorry if i have offeneded anyone. But it saddens me to see so many people support someone who is nothing more than a monster. And i belive calling her a monster and what she done hidious is an understatement