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Sensory deprivation is already a major component of imprisonment. I don't know Christa Pike, and no particular opinion about her except that I do not believe society will be enriched in the slightest by her death. Nor would it receive any benefit by subjecting her to conditions likely to unbalance her mind (which would then require additional prison personnel and expenses to keep her under control, the end result most likely being that she end up feeling no remorse or pain at all).

I'm not sure who got the idea that being in prison, especially maximum security, is anything resembling a cakewalk. Particularly a high-profile case like Ms. Pike's exposes the perpetrator to the risk of attack and harassment by other inmates, which often leads to them being kept in "segregation", that is, solitary. An acquaintance who was recently offered the choice of life without parole or execution has chosen the latter if her appeals do not work out. What sort of life must one have behind bars to make such a decision? I don't think it's something that we on the outside can comprehend.

Christa Pike committed a terrible crime--there seems no doubt about it, and no excuse for it. But if we as a society are to treat her as she treated her victim, how can we possibly regard ourselves as morally superior?
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