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Thanks for your understanding, DaveMoff.

Well, it's not unusual to get no reply from Christa. As I already stated she's
not good at writing.
Besides that she doesn't think she has anything interesting to tell.

Anyway, she really appreciates all cards and letters she receives.

I don't wanna comment on her current situation. This is a public forum
and you'll never know who reads your postings. Time has taught us better to be distrustful than too confident.
But be sure her attorneys and friends care about Christa and try to protect her against anything.

Certainly I'll give her your good wishes and greetings. Maybe she'll send
you a reply someday.

By the way: You're certainly able to help Christa by NOT believing all that nasty stuff some people try to vulgarize online. Even if that "news" is at least 4 years old several people present it as spectacular new stuff and dwell upon that subject.
That way those daubers are at least able to present yellow press articles from 2001 and older as radical new conclusions. You can call it "cheap propaganda"! And the effect is that basically unprejudiced people could be influenced concerning Christa's person by such rubbish.

Never forget: At that time she did NOT get any appropriate medication!!

However, the "real" Christa is quite different!! Be sure!!! I visited
her again a few weeks ago and it was just great - as usual!! I would never
forsake her and already look forward to see her again!!

Take care!