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No, I have never received any responses to several letters and cards I have sent to Christa Pike. If she is concerned about people selling her letters I can certainly understand--the main person who has been up to this sort of thing that I know of is a fellow named Ken Karnig who maintains a web site URL Removed please see PTO Rules and Policies. Until I, along with supporters of another prisoner managed to get the sale of such things banned, he was selling prisoners letters and similar items on eBay under the name "Supernaught". If Ms. Pike is not familiar with his name, she might want to watch out for him--he doesn't deserve the time of day.

No one can condone or ignore Christa Pike's crimes. However, it is difficult not to conclude that she was suffering from serious mental difficulties (including, I believe, drug addiction) at the time and that some of these may well be going untreated, which I believe represent "extenuating circumstances". She has been removed from society and will never again represent a threat to the public. What more will be accomplished by her death?

I cannot sympathize to a great degree with Christa Pike (though to be honest, if she wanted something I could provide, I'd be happy to provide it). Neither can I bring myself to believe that any criminal, however vicious the crime, should be put to death. Alive, she may well contribute something to society someday--who can say? Dead, all anyone can do is fill a burial plot.

So Kermit, do give her my good wishes if you wish to and if she would like another pen pal, I'll be happy to write to her again and offer my solemn promise that her words will be kept in strictest confidence. I am a Universalist minister--if she has any interest in spiritual matters I will be happy to answer any question or offer gentle suggestions.
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