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FrozenInMinn 09-27-2004 02:46 PM

Corrections Corporation of America-Prairie Correctional Facility (Appleton Prison)
Prairie Correctional Facility

Appleton, Minnesota
Source of Inmates:

States of Wisconsin and North Dakota,Washington, USMS, INS
Rated Capacity:

Security Level:

Facility Type:

CCA Open Date:


Prairie Correctional Facility

445 South Munsterman Street

Appleton, Minnesota 56208


fax - 320-289-2059

Facility Type: CCA managed facility since Oct-96

Warden: Daren Swenson, Warden

Daren Swenson, previously warden at Cimarron Correctional Facility, became the warden at Prairie Correctional Facility in September, 2002. Prior to his promotion to warden, Swenson was the Assistant Warden at Northeast Ohio Correctional Center and Lawrenceville Correctional Center. Swenson began working with CCA in 1992 as a correctional officer.

Total Beds: 1,338

Customer Base: States of Wisconsin and North Dakota, USMS, INS

ACA Accreditation: Yes

This is what information i have been able to attain by phone calls to the facility about visiting, and other information that you may need coming from afar.

The only hotel in the area is

Super 8
(320) 289-2500
Anyone can call the heartland Bus Co. and they will pick you up from the Super 8 and bring you to prision and vice versa. The cost is .50 cents per ride.

The nearest Airports are Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota

Minneapolis Intl Airport is a ways away

There is no Greyhound or Bus Station that runs to Appleton so a rental Car would be needed.

Various Mom and Pop cafe's in town

Visiting Rules.

Inmates are given a list during intake so they can send them to family's and friends.. some of the ones they see most often is

No obscene shirts, designs, sayings
No Camoflauge clothing
No Clogs, sandals, or open toed shoes
No sleveless shirts or spandex
No tank tops
No low cut shirts/pants

Shorts can be worn only for visitors age 10 and younger.

They have vending machines. You can put $20.00 on a debit card that is paid for at the prison. You can also purchase a prison meal for 1.50 if you want

Baby's alowable items

2 Bottles
1 Blanket

The prison provides Diapers, and other changing items needed.

MurphyGirl 09-27-2004 04:24 PM

FrozenInMinn!!!!!Thank you For this valuable information......I am sure it is going to make the trip down there easier for the WA. Families!

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