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strongernow 05-22-2004 09:31 AM

General Information on Georgia State Prisons and Correctional Institutions
I have created threads for each State Prison and Correctional Institution in Georgia. You can use THIS thread as a "one stop shop" so you don't have to search through all the old posts in the forum to find what you are looking for. "Click" on the links below to go to the thread for the prison you are looking for information on.

There is a post in each thread contains General Information on the facility, ie: location, address, phone & fax numbers, inmate populations, security level, programs offered to inmates, directions to the facility and photo, if available. (In most of the threads this should be the first post, but in cases where I have merged old threads, it might be further down in the posts!)

If you have questions on a specific facility, please post your question in the thread for that facility so that your questions and any replies will be there for other members who might have the same questions. It is extremely helpful to have others experiences with facilities, who to contact there, etc. available for members and I think this will be a great way of having the information easily accessible. Also, if you receive any new information or find the directions to a certain facility are a little bit off, please send me PM with the updated information.

Feel free to post any additional information as a reply in these threads, of course seeing that it is accurate and current! :thumbsup:

Arrendale State Prison

Augusta State Medical Prison

Baldwin State Prison & Inmate Boot Camp

Autry State Prison

Bostick State Prison

Bullouch Co. Correctional Institution

Burruss Inmate Boot Camp

Calhoun State Prison

Carroll Co. Correctional Institution

Central State Prison

Clarke Co. Correctional Institution

Clayton Co. Correctional Institution

Coastal State Prison

Coffee Correctional Facility (Private Prison)

Colquitt Co. Correctional Institution

Coweta Co. Correctional Institution

James Correctional Facility (Private Prison)

Decatur Co. Correctional Institution

Dodge State Prison

Dooly State Prison

Effingham Co. Correctional Institution

Floyd Co. Correctional Institution

Georgia Diagnotic & Classification Prison

Georgia State Prison

Gwinnett Co. Correctional Institution

Hall Co. Correctional Institution

Hancock State Prison

Harris Co. Correctional Institution

Hays State Prison & Inmate Boot Camp

Homerville State Prison

Jackson Co. Correctional Institution

Jefferson Co. Correctional Institution

Johnson State Prison

Lee State prison

Lowndes State Prison

Men's State Prison

Metro State prison

Milan State Prison

Mitchell Co. Correctional Institution

Montgomery State Prison & Inmate Boot Camp

Muscogee Co. Correctional Institution

Phillips State Prison

Pulaski State Prison

Richmond Co. Correctional Institution

Rivers State Prison

Rogers State Prison

Rutledge State Prison

Scott State Prison

Screven Co. Correctional Institution

Spalding Co. Correctional Institution

Smith State Prison

Sumter Co. Correctional Institution

Telfair State Prison

Thomas Co. Correctional Institution

Troup Co. Correctional Institution

Valdosta State Prison

Walker State Prison

Ware State Prison

Washington State Prison

Wayne State Prison

Wheeler Correctional Facility (Private Prison)

Wilcox State Prison

bkg54 11-17-2004 07:03 PM

Cobb County near Atlanta Georgia
Does anyone have any information about County Jain in Cobb County Georgia?
A friend is supposed to go to court on Friday, 11-19 on a third DUI. We don't know how much time she will get. What can she take with her? How do telephone calls work from there? Can she have money on her books? Help, she's afraid as all of us were once... I know about the Federal system but not about the county...
Any help would be appreciated.. bkg54

curious824 05-05-2005 08:10 AM

this is great stronger now
thanx for putting in all this work and time:)

Shiver 09-21-2005 11:04 PM

A friend of mine is in Burrus Correctional Training Center---anyone have info concerning visitation or whether he can receive mail?Care packages?Thanks

skicklighter 09-23-2005 06:21 PM

I know this is not a state prison, but does anyone have information on Treutlen County Probation Detention Center? My 20 year old son has been sentenced to 6 months there for probation violation...drinking underage, his second offense. Seems way harsh to me. I know he needs to feel the consequences, but 6 months? Anyway, heard it was military style detention center, but what does that mean? Probation officer isn't much help with details.


skicklighter 10-07-2005 11:03 AM

Treutlen County Probation Detention Center
Does anyone have information on Treutlen County Probation Detention Center or for any of the state probation detention centers? I'm trying to find out what the restrictions or rules are for our first visitation coming up next weekend and conditions there in general. My son is in for underage drinking and was assigned to a Level 3 dorm. Dorms are 1-6 depending on security level. I cannot understand why he would be assigned to a 3. He has had no misbehaviors while in there, nor has he ever been arrested for any violent act, drugs, burglary, assault, etc.


Destined 10-08-2005 04:28 AM

Hey Shiver! I'm also from Augusta, Ga. My boyfriend was at Burrus a few months ago.
Well-Kept Prison, but visitation- pretty strict. - Destined

chantaj1976 10-14-2005 11:25 PM

My husband is in the Athens-Clarke county CI. I like it because it is only 60 miles from my house, it is not "over crowded". And it it pretty laid back compared to some of the other prisons that I have incountered. For example, I was very surprised that I could mail him a care package without a package slip. I can burn CD's from home and send them to him as long as they are in a case. I can even send stamps and writing supplies. Visitation is pretty easy, it is every Sunday and it is not rushed at all as long as there is space, you can stay as long as you like until visitation is over. And he loves his work detail, laundry room.

anton'sgurl_69 05-15-2006 06:05 PM

does anyone have info about McRae Correctional Institution - location, direction, photo etc.

It would sure ease my mind!!!

Eternal Hope 05-15-2006 10:10 PM

McRae Correctional Facility is a private prison run by Corrections Corporation of America. The physical address of the facility is 1000 Jim Hammock Drive, McRae, Georgia, 31055. The phone number is 229-868-7778. It is approximately 146 miles west of Savannah Ga, or about a 2 and one half hour drive. Hope this helps.

anton'sgurl_69 05-16-2006 09:36 PM

do you know of any nearby hotels and how far is the airport from the hotels?

Fowler228 05-27-2006 01:35 PM

Lamar Pre-release Center
My husand was trasferred here. The facility has only been in operation for about 2-3 weeks. It is in Barnesville, GA. It is mainly for inmates with 2 years or less. I will uodate info as I get it from my husband and his counselor.

Jimbos sis 07-03-2006 02:13 PM

Any info on Macon State Prison.

Eternal Hope 07-06-2006 08:49 PM

I responded to your other post regarding this... :)

hellomicheley 11-16-2006 08:50 AM

I went to Macon once, I never had any problems there, hope that helps and good luck.

hellomicheley 11-16-2006 08:53 AM

Hi everyone my finace is in GSP and wanted to know if anyone had been there? I see there's a member from the Bahamas here, my finace is from the Bahamas also maybe we could help each other out, give me a shout.:thumbsup:

Sharon K. 03-09-2007 06:17 AM

West Georgia Probation Boot Camp
I have some current info re West GA PBC:

Rules Concerning Mail

Correspondence only.
® No photographs.
® No greeting cards. Senders have been hiding contraband under the tissue in fancy greeting cards; now all are banned whether or not they include tissue.
® No postal supplies; e.g., unused stamps, envelopes, blank paper.
® No offensive material.

Excerpt of a letter from my son

February 25, 2007

At 0425 everyone in the dorm is awakened and counted. Whenever a count happens, we stand by our bunk beds at attention. When we are allowed to carry on, we get dressed, make our beds, and shave. When we finish, we are allowed to sit down in the dayroom, which is four benches and five walls forming a triangle with two corners cut off. There is bench space for about 40 of the 48 people in the dorm. At 0500 there is another count, also at 0600, 0800, 1000, 1230, 1400, 1600, 1830, 2000, 2100, and we try to be asleep for any others. I try to sleep between the 0500 and 0600 counts.

Two of the four dorms usually eat before 0600; which ones depends on the whims of the officers. All the food here is of fairly good quality, though in short supply. Some time around 0600 (we don’t have a clock anymore) I get called out to my detail. As an administrative orderly, I don’t do much in the way of hard labor, but I’m beginning to think I would prefer it to having to play servant to so many masters. I’m never allowed to talk with the other guy on the detail, or even look like I’m not busy. So, no hard labor, but by far the most stressful.

I work until noon, at which point I return for lunch, and often sit in the dorm a while before we get called back out. I would list my daily tasks, but ennui is the second worst part of my job. Mostly I just buff floors and clean every surface in the administration wing of the building. All day.

Sometime between 1500 and 1630 we go back for dinner, after which we line up as if being counted until the showers are unlocked. Forty-eighty of us have about an hour to use 8 showerheads (plenty of time). We then clean the showers and return to the day room. We will usually sit for a while, and the rest of our evening will be determined by our collective behavior. If we do what we’re supposed to, we’ll get reading and writing time until bed, which is usually around 2130. If we don’t, we won’t get reading and writing time, or we get PT’d. We might also be kept up until 2200.

Other than that, there is no real routine here. No specific time to go outside, or anything like that. Store call isn’t even always on the same day. We can’t get any food from the store to supplement our meager diets. I’m wasting away, by the way. Along with insufficient nutrition, the only PT [physical training] we do is corrective PT which is meant to hurt rather than build strength. An example is the “smurf jack” in which you squat all the way with your bum on your heels, and do jumping jacks like that. The inside of your knee will probably be hurting by #5, but nothing is really getting exercised. If we get caught exercising on our own, we face several hours of corrective PT. If you get caught exercising before bed they’ll keep you up all night.

Weekends we spend 3—4 hours cleaning the dorm, then shine boots and if we behave, we’ll get reading and writing time. There’s no lunch on weekends, unless you work outside the dorm from 0630 to 1200, which I’ve managed to do every other Saturday sweeping during the hair-clippings. (They keep it between bald and buzzed.)

Overall, this place is pretty sorry for a boot camp. Little discipline, all but a few guards set bad examples, and we aren’t even getting in better physical shape.

p.s. – Something I just learned: from now on we’ll be getting up at 0330 every few days for PT.

WORRIEDPARENTS 06-06-2007 06:18 PM

west ga boot camp
Can You Give Me Any Details About The Boot Camp In Breman Ga. My Son Just Got Transfered There From Tift Co Jail After 1 Month In That System..he Left Sometime Tuesday I Was Told..have Not Had Any Contact With Him At This Point And Do Not Know What To Expect As, Will I Get Phone Calls, Visitation Or What?? Any Information Would Be Greatly Appreciated As We Are 4 Hours From Him Now..he Has A Wife And Two Small Children That Would Love To Hear From Him To...what Is All This Talk On Here About Diagnostics:": I Have Also Read That There Release Dates Are Not Really There Release Dates??? Thanks Again For Your Time...

kathy121 07-07-2007 10:42 AM

Thank you so much strongernow. This is very helpful. I have been doing searches for information on arrendale prison.

cynthiagail 08-22-2007 06:35 PM

What about Macon State Prison?

bashfulbbw 08-23-2007 11:12 PM

Wheeler Correctional Facility
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any information on Wheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo,GA? I know this is a private facility and so far I haven't been able to find out much about it. My fiance was just transferred there today and i am trying to find out about how the visitation there is. He was able to call me but he didn't know any information yet becuase he had just gotten there a few hours earlier and it was too late for him to find out. Any information I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

noname10 08-25-2007 06:41 AM

I visit Wheeler on a regular basis so hopefully I will be able to help. It is a private facility and very different from a state prison. Very few outside details, they are usually confined to the unit except for one hour of rec a day. The visitation is split since there are too many inmates to visit at one time and changes once a quarter. You will visit from 8am-1pm one day and 2pm-7pm the other. You can call the prison and they will be able to tell you his unit and visitation schedule, also if you were on his state visitation list check to be sure you are going to be allowed to visit without reapplying for this facility. The number is 912 568 1793. It is run by CCA and is a typical private prison where the eye is on the bottom line at all times. If you need specifics I will be glad to answer just post them in a new thread so they aren't buried in an old topic.

kimberly39 12-15-2008 08:13 PM

Bleckley Detention Center
Does anyone have any info on this place? Or If there are any other female detention centers in GA. I am heading to one soon for 90 days. Rules,visitation, locations etc. I can't find any info.

Kat 12-15-2008 10:21 PM go here and it will tell you all prisons.I hope this helps good luck and welcome to PTO and the Ga forums..kat

SHIRLEY24 01-20-2009 06:52 PM

Can anyone help me?

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