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MY BOY TOY 01-06-2010 12:36 PM

Question About Release dates and getting their time back?
Ok so I am not sure if I put this in the right forum but My man maxes out in april he got in trouble was put on c status for 90 days and was sent to the hole for fighting before but he says he can get his time back if he is 180 days clean and he already got 90 days back a couple months ago so he talks to his counselor and he says that if he gets those days back he could be home as soon as the middle of feb... but he hasnt signed any papers or anything and i am wondering when do they tell him how many days he has left because even if he doesnt come home in feb april is 90 days away practically so Can anyone tell me how this works ohh and he has transfer papers to go to kvsp so i am so confused and anxious.... any advice or info would be helpful


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