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Dyneau 01-10-2016 11:19 PM

LOCK DOWN until Feb, ALL Mississippi PRISONS!
It is my understanding that there will be a LOCK DOWN until Feb, ALL MS PRISONS! This is like a person coming into WalMart, robbing it and the police take customers and employees, Everyone. Because of what a few do, ALL THE MS PRISONS are on Admin. Lock Down until further notice. No Phone Calls to loved ones to help the inmates survive the treatment, Nothing. This is the 3rd time on 50 days. I dont understand where it helps? There is a Big Stink about contraband being brought into the prisons We, I have gone through all sorts of security checks, exrays, metal detector and at one place, STRIP SEARCH. I have never had to do such in my life and it was totally degrading to me. In one place, there was a cell phone that inmates were useing and it did NOT come from inmates friends or relitives. I was told it was a VERY EXPENSIVE cell phone, I finally figured out what that meant. It was brought in my the security who were supposed to be watching out for people bringing in contraband. LOL I read the information as to what a person needs to work as a correctional officer. LOL I had TWO YEARS of Criminal Justice which I am to assume, from what I saw is More than what it takes to get a job in the prisons???

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