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klouisep 10-14-2009 04:03 PM

Visiting Policies at ACC-West
The info on the Anchorage Correctional Complex West thread is a little out dated but is all Alaska DOC has on their website.

From personal experience here are some helpful things:

+ Recently they have banned open toed high heels, sandals and flip flops. :blah:

+ The number to call for evening visits changed about two years is 269-0901. They no longer park the calls (put you on hold and go in order) you have to redial repeatedly until the receptionist picks up. Most of the attempts will go to voicemail. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE, you will not get a visit that way.

+ I've always been able to let my son bring a small toy upstairs to entertain himself with during visitation. Only once or twice were we told to leave it downstairs.

+ The guards and all staff in general do not let you talk on your phone in the lobby, technically you arent supposed to have it in the building. Just be discreet, talk outside and put it on vibrate.

+ Your visits are monitored over the phone, and there are now cameras in the rooms with you so be aware they are watching everything you do.

+ It is a good idea to bring a clorox wipe folded in your pocket in some celephane or something because the rooms are DISGUSTING. I think theyre supposed to be cleaned once a week, but with that much traffic it should be more often than that.

+ If your prisoner is in mods Echo, Foxtrot, Golf or Hotel, you will want to be extra early for day and weekend visits, as those areas fill up the fastest. For 1 & 2 oclock visits, week day and weekend, people are there an hour to an hour and a half before you start signing up. You sign up an hour before the scheduled visits, and they close signing up a half an hour before the visits start.

+ The lobby clock is always about 5 minutes faster than REAL time, so after signing in, you should either stick around, or be back 15 minutes before you're set to visit.

+ If you visit during the day or on the weekend (first come first serve), be aware of how many people were there before you, this will be your place in line. Women here are especially serious about cutting, and line order. Some people have waited up to an hour and a half, so be mindful of the order.

Hope that helped some of you out!

NtShadow 10-15-2009 03:05 AM

Thank you for the updated info. We appreciate it along with your own personal experience.

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