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Gothicrhapsody 12-28-2017 06:43 PM

What does it mean letter filed on behalf on defendant?
My husband is currently in drug court, he has already had 4 p&p citations, has an upcoming probation violation hearing. I haven't seen him since he was released in November but sadly I do know he is using again. I wrote the court and today I saw this on case net regarding his case
12/28/2017 Correspondence Filed
Letter filed on behalf of dft. Sent to court 12 28 17.

I'm wondering of that is my letter or what it may be? Thank you.

CenTexLyn 12-28-2017 07:59 PM

Something was written on his behalf...could be routine letter from counsel, could be something from an entity that evaluated him, could be someone that simply wrote trying to persuade the Court to give him YET ANOTHER second chance even though he seems to have a propensity for pissing them away. Or it could be some other letter.

Gothicrhapsody 12-28-2017 08:39 PM

He doesn't have an attorney. This is his third time. He did a 120 and then he fled. They allowed back into drug court Nov 21st but since then he has done nothing he is supposed to. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you.

AR PCS 01-28-2018 03:11 AM

It is most likely public record and subject to public inspection. Call the court clerk and ask if it is public and if it is request a copy. They may charge you a copy fee and mailing or be able to send it by email.

I get court records every day in criminal cases. Though I know all the local clerks from my job, I get them from all over the country by just calling or emailing and being pleasant. I have to pay for some, but I get a lot just emailed to me because the clerks are helpful. I see you're in Missouri, I assume you got the information from CaseNet. It should be public record I just obtained records from an open case last week in Missouri and I think it was either .25 or .50 per page and they faxed them to me.

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