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My-040 02-07-2017 06:50 PM

Virginia Resolution Recognizes Harms of Pornography
The Virginia State House just passed a resolution recognizing the harms of pornography, similar to the one passed in Utah and South Dakota, with an overwhelming majority of 82-8. The resolution will now move on to the Virginia State Senate.

This resolution is similar to the one Utah passed last year in that it would not require any funding or new legislation. This resolution would publicly recognize the harms of pornography, which then paves the way for greater awareness and national dialogue on the issue. It also has the potential to lay groundwork for future legislative efforts to protect children in publicly funded schools and libraries from being unintentionally exposed to pornography!

Contact your VA State Senator and ask them to support this resolution. The more representatives who hear from constituents about this issue, the more likely they will be to join in the fight, and to help the resolution more forward!

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