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taradacto12 04-16-2017 11:34 AM

Boyfriend's parole officer & my pending charges. He wants me to call his PO
hello i am wondering if anyone has any experiences to share with me.

my boyfriend just got parole in canada, ontario, but i am also on charges that are seperate then his.

mine are legit just a group charge, but for trafficking heroin, which are also his charges, i am currently in surprior court awaiting my ruling but my lawyer is fairly confident that i am okay and this took so long because co accused were not pleading out which had me dragged through it as well

because of my charges, although i am not currently involved in any illegal activity or assocaites, i am afraid he will get in trouble for communicating with me, he asked me to call his PO, I am wondering how the conversation will go
what info they will want
and so forth


patchouli 04-16-2017 11:48 AM

If the PO did not stipulate that your boyfirend have no contact with you, don't rock the boat. If the PO did stipulate no contact with anyone with pending felony charges and/or convicted felons (you are not convicted yet ;)) you would fall in one of the 2 categories.

Its not your responsibility to call his PO....perhaps it would be best if your boyfriend talked to his PO about having contact / a relationship with you.

Welcome to PTO :)

onparoleinTO 04-16-2017 08:24 PM

I agree with Patchouli in part. Your bf should ask his PO about contact with you. In my experience PO's vary in how they interpret the 'no contact' provision, but there is a general expectation with everyone on parole in Canada that you have no contact with anyone you have reason to believe might be involved in criminal activity. At the beginning of my parole, my PO interpreted this to mean that I could not talk to anyone who had a conviction or a charge. Since you are facing charges, a PO could regard his contacting you as a violation. That could lead to a revocation. Why take a chance, especially if you think your charges will be resolved soon? But it's not up to you to call the PO; you're not on parole. He is and it's his job to check this out.

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