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Bassman 01-02-2019 09:04 PM

In a nutshell:
I've posted in various threads in this forum since 2006 about my plight, and how I have been able to overcome it, but here, I want to put it all together in one big story. Back in 1996, I had my only serious run in with the Law. Basically, I copped to a fire I never started. I lied to investigators just to get them off my back. Little did I know the whirlwind that would follow with court proceedings, etc. culminating in pleading out to a low grade felony. No time but on the County probation leash for 5 years and out a considerable chunk of change over that time as well. But what frosted me at the time, and caused me to be in such despair I actually considered taking my life, was this question: "How can anyone consider hiring a person with a record"? Well, I discovered shortly thereafter that it can be done. But it took alot of hard work! In 1997, I started pursuing my basic driver's license, then the next year, got my Commercial Drivers License. Then in 1999, I got my first driving job and I wasn't making minimum wage either. During those first four years, I married my high school sweetheart (we'd been together 15 years before being married in 2000) and our daughter was born in 2003. After a 4 year stint at a drycleaners because of the steadier hours, I took a driver's job with Graybar Electric. This would have been a good job to retire from except-I got into a couple of serious traffic accidents and was let go. Afterwards, I took a warehouse job with a medium size electrical contractor for a couple years. Now, after being let go there, I began pursuing what was to be my passion all along. Driving bus. And after 22 years of hard work, heartache, major and minor successes, I can confidently say I HAVE answered the question I kept asking myself: "Who in their right mind would hire a person with a felony?" The NFTA certainly did. And the icing on the cake is that I can go into Canada again as well. Everything is back as if it had never happened.

sidewalker 01-03-2019 07:05 AM

Congrats to you!
My hub is also a bus driver (charter buses)
His pay isnt all that great but hey, the lady hired him. Most of his driving is fairly local.

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