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ronswife2010 02-20-2013 06:24 PM

Levels in county jail in Oklahoma
Can anyone help me or direct me to who I can find out to get levels at county jail. My husband is just sitting at county waiting to be pulled at Jackson county. Guess the prisons are so packed he's never gonna pull chain. So I would like to know does he get atleast to level 2 at jail? And who would I petition to try to get levels at county? I mean if he is essentially DOC he is eligible for levels. What credit does he get in county? I hear it's 2 days for every day served. Does anyone have any info to this being correct or what is it actually. thanks a million

jdwgirl 03-11-2013 09:54 PM

Here is a link that will be helpful for you. This will provide you with information about levels. I have also questioned if there was way to make levels while in county. My husband has been in county for 5 months now and they tell him it may still be a lengthy wait before he is able to pull chain due to lack of beds. To my understanding an inmate must have a case manager to be able to advance to a new level and there are no case managers in county jails. Sorry. Wish they could or would give our loved ones levels while in county.

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