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MissM 03-15-2005 05:09 PM

Sure is quiet, is everyone okay?
I'm guilty of not visiting the board lately, I moved about 6 weeks ago and have been so busy!!! I love my new place and so does my dog (fenced yard!!) Still going to visit my honey every week and still trying to bring him home. Hope everyone is doing great!

7.5yrs.inMville 03-16-2005 05:43 AM

I am doing okay. Just working alot and have a cold. Glad to see you came by!

JJsGB 03-21-2005 07:14 PM

I'm doing good too. Just trying to keep my son and myself healthy. It's not working very well though and it sucks. I'm still going to visit my other half every other week as usual. I still wish he were in Anamosa like before. I miss being able to visit him every week. = (
I'm glad to hear you guys are doing good.

Take care.

Shane's_Wife 03-22-2005 11:46 AM

I'm doing alright as well. Just working a lot and trying to get everything together. Lots of problems with my car that need fixed with not enough money to fix them all. having trouble finding a mechanic that won't screw me. lucky my father in law, and my father are trying to help me. I go to see Shane about every other week. Trying for this weekend. JJ, you live in Cedar Rapids right? I go through there everytime i got to visit. Where is your hubby now? I don't recall if you ever told me. Everyone take good care!

Jessakitty4946 03-22-2005 07:39 PM

Ugh, I want some peace and quiet with no personal, family, medical, marital, school, money,automobile, and weather trouble. Too bad i don't have more money, i would have shipped myself to a nice warm beach last week (it was spring break for me) and laid on the beach and left all my troubles behind. I need a vacation but that's not gonna happen any time soon. I give up. It's always something. Oh well. Maybe someday everything will quiet down. But for now I am dealing with it all and somehow getting through it and doing an overall okay. :shrug:

JJsGB 03-23-2005 10:43 PM

Hey Uare! Yup, I live in Cedar Rapids. If sometime you'd like to grab a bite to eat on your way through, we can do that. Let me know. My man is in Clarinda now. We're coming up to the end of the road. Thank Goodness.

Take care.

Shane's_Wife 03-27-2005 12:59 PM

Yeah, JJ.. It'd be cool to grab a bite on the way through. Probably when I'm coming home. Hopefully going in two weeks, so I'll PM you and let you know.

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