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cvigna 01-22-2018 10:46 AM

He was returned to prison from HWH
I am not sure I'm in the correct forum but I thought I would start somewhere.

I am in New Jersey and he was sentenced a New Jersey Prison. After some time, he was sent to a halfway house and, as of yesterday, was sent back to prison. I am not familiar at all with what will happen to him. I'm not sure exactly why they sent him back. I went to visit him yesterday and they terminated our visit claiming that I put something in this pants when really I was just copping a feel. So anyway, they sent him back to prison. What happens now? Will I be able to hear from him? Any feedback is very appreciated.

Sarianna 01-22-2018 11:35 AM

Welcome to Prison Talk - I moved your thread to our New Jersey forums as it appears you are asking about possible consequences for allegedly breaking the rules while visiting in a New Jersey HWH.

I can't answer the question for you re. what will happen next - maybe someone familiar with NJ can chime in...but I would assume you will hear from your LO once he settles in prison, and he'll be able to tell you more of what the reason was for him to be sent back.

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