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Reporter Glenn 09-30-2019 03:32 PM

Journalist, need help w/story ie violence & security in wake of 2018 riots
I am a reporter/editor working on a story about challenges within the South Carolina Department of Corrections, particularly in regard to violence and security in the wake of the 2018 riot at Lee Correctional Institution.
I am interested in speaking with inmates, family members and staff who want to discuss conditions inside Lee and other Level 3 prisons around the state.
My contact information is below:

Glenn Smith
Watchdog/Public Service Editor
The Post and Courier
134 Columbus Street
Charleston, SC 29403
(Removed per policy)(direct)
(Removed per policy) (mobile)
(Removed per policy)

fbopnomore 09-30-2019 04:36 PM

Welcome to Prison Talk Glenn.


Advisory for PTO Members Regarding Requests from Journalists & Members of the Media, and Students/Researchers:

PTO welcomes journalists and/or members of the media to learn and educate themselves about prisons, prisoners, and their loved ones, as well as students and researchers doing research on these subjects.

We will, occasionally, allow the media or students/researchers to request information and personal stories from our members. However, PTO does not endorse any journalist, member of the media, story/report, media outlet, student/researcher, or educational/research institution.

If you decide to communicate with a media representative or a researcher, then you assume all of the risks involved. PTO is in no way liable for the outcome of the story/report/paper. Communication with members of the media and students/researchers is completely voluntarily and PTO holds no responsibility for the consequences of that communication.

PTO does not screen or authenticate any person(s) claiming to be from the media or from an educational/research institution, nor does PTO authenticate their motivations for obtaining the information.

As always, the disclosure of personal information (either yours or someone that is incarcerated) may have some serious repercussions. PTO has no way of predicting how the media or any researcher will present your story or that of your loved one. Any relationship with the media or any researchers is to be entered into at your own risk.

If you receive an unsolicited email or private message from a person claiming to be from the media or researching information for an educational or research institution, report it to the PTO Administration immediately.

choclgs 10-04-2019 10:56 PM

Reporters from major news outlets in South Carolina have been doing this since April 2018. They troll many groups and pages on the internet and social media asking for families to contact them for interviews and only report snippets for click bait.

You have the story. Families have shared with you since the deaths at Lee that they're fearful of speaking out in the media because of what our loved ones are enduring in state prisons. You have seen the same images, read the same messages, and shown the videos available all over social media.

It's up to you to be bold enough to get to the truth about the 23-hour lockdowns, limited showers and recreational time, and all things in between taking place, especially over the 18 months, instead of always reporting about "contraband" and deaths.

FYI: please do not take my comments and use them in any form. You do not have my permission. I've seen what other writers have done on social media and it's not well received.

PTO has been the safest outlet for me dealing with having loved ones incarcerated. Please do not take that away from me.

choclgs 10-14-2019 09:23 AM

Offenders who were at Lee during the April 2018 riots are being contacted by mail to provide information about what their experiences were like during that time.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, yet I believe this is the same reporter who joined this site for the same purpose.

SCDC policy states:

"REQUESTS FOR INTERVIEWS WITH INMATES: Personal contact interviews with any SCDC inmate, untried county safekeeper, or death row inmate by anyone will be prohibited. (NOTE: This prohibition does not apply to internal or external law enforcement, Agency officials, internal and external auditors, or legal professionals who may need to interview inmates for purposes of an investigation or pending legal action or to researchers approved pursuant to SCDC Policy/ Procedure ADM-15.07, "Research Conducted Within the

There are measures that could have been taken long before April 2018 to find out the experiences of what these men and women have been enduring long before lives were lost. There was report released that states that, there are committee meetings at the SC State House monthly with SCDC.

Not a single article written has been about nothing more than deaths and contraband, and a few that follow to show that there's some modest changes taken place within state prisons.

Everyone wanted to sensationalize the riots and when the next big story hit, you move on until the same headlines regarding "contraband" and "lack of staffing" are the problem/cause for xyz.

Please understand, what you see as a story, it's our lives.

choclgs 12-10-2019 05:37 PM

The series the Post & Courier, including this writer, was working has been published.

Unless you're a subscriber, the paywall limits you to reading 2 articles per month.

The first article in the series was published in the Sunday 12/08/2019 issue, detailing what happened at Lee Correctional, with 911 audio, photos, and videos. For those of us who experienced with our loved ones what happened that night through the present, it was very painful to read. Several loved ones, including mothers, said it was too much to finish the article.

I read what I could at work and had to step off the unit to compose myself.

I appreciate the media outlets throughout South Carolina for finally taking the steps to see what's happening with our prison system, yet the message was clear.

There were bulls-eyes everywhere from outside consultants, wardens, offenders, and loved ones who had been trying to get this information out for decades, but it fell on deaf ears. Many of us continue to live with the aftermath of what took place that Sunday evening in April 2018.

Sadly, many were harmed and 7 men lost their lives.

Let this be a continuous process of sharing what's happening with the South Carolina Department of Corrections and not a hot button topic that passes us by until the next story overshadows it.

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