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Minor activist 06-30-2017 06:46 PM

Long informative article about Hep C treatment in CO

"Even with heavily discounted drugs, treating all of the chronic hep C prisoners in Colorado could cost $100 million."

On the other hand a liver transplant is hellishly expensive too.

Trampstrouble 11-27-2017 11:30 PM

I recently read an article about a hepatitis C cure. Sovaldi is a pill taken once a day for 12 weeks. That's it! Catch is, one pill costs $1000!!! It is estimated that it would cost an average $84,000 to cure one person. It's wonderful that they found a cure. However, can you consider it a cure if no one can afford to use it?!

nimuay 11-28-2017 08:43 AM

That's an eternal question They do have the right to get their R&D money back, with interest! But what's the right cost? What do you pay them for saving your life? Enough for them to go and research more cures for more diseases, but not enough that the industry becomes a behemoth, not enough for CEOs and their ilk to be living like maharajas. Who determines that?

Trampstrouble 12-01-2017 11:53 PM

But do they really have the right to get R&D money back when they aren't the ones putting out the money to begin with?

The United States government gives millions of dollars each year as grants to these big pharmaceutical companies and scientists to be able to find these "magic pills". Then when it comes time to pay their taxes, they claim the money as Research and development costs. So they not only get the money given to them to find the cure but they get a tax right off for the money as well. Does that sound reasonable to you? Certainly doesn't sound reasonable to me.

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