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deebeee2019 11-24-2019 04:52 AM

International money deposit ?
Hi everyone!

I wondered if anyone has any advice for me...

Since itís the holidays I decided to send my husband some money in his account via access corrections and my card declined... after speaking to them they advised the only accept us cards with a us address.

I live in Europe so thatís impossible for me and he has no friends or family in the USA that I can contact.

Iím really frustrated that the website doesnít allow this.

Does anyone know if there anything I can do?


orchibu 11-24-2019 05:32 AM

Sorry cant help with access corrections .ive sent money previously through jpay to Ca. Didnt have a problem .

maytayah 11-24-2019 07:24 AM

Hi there, access corrections do not accept non US credit or debit cards. There is nothing you can do about that unfortunately.
Do you visit the USA, if so you can purchase some US money orders I have bought some from Walmart,if the state he is in accept those?
Other than that there is nothing you can do unless you have a trusted family member in the US who is willing to help you.
If its for Christmas maybe order him a book or magazine subscription?

jon2226 11-24-2019 11:41 AM

I've pm'ed you

studebaker71 11-24-2019 02:51 PM

I have a US card and US address and still cannot place a payment to my girl. I am on travel now and was before on business international and they just refused my payment. Additionally I think they lock the account too. I am frustrated and have only 12 stamps left and she has no money in her account for another 13 days.

I don't know what to do other than have someone else put money on her account. And mine is messed up so when my stamps run out I wont be able to send anymore letters or pics or video grams.

Alexiel 11-25-2019 05:10 AM

I went through this myself... so frustrating. Well unfortunately there's really nothing you can do about that...I tried everything...

I ended up using my mother in law's bankcard to deal with access corrections but as you said your husband has no family or friends that solution won't work for you..

My advice: Get yourself an US bank account whenever you're back in the States. I got one at Regions bank and it was no problem at all to set up my account, even as a non citizen/non permanent resident.
All you need is your passport and a drivers license.

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