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MAMMASTEARS 01-02-2019 03:43 AM

Son incarcerated, now daughter on her way
I feel in oklahoma there isnt enough being done to help these inmates whom are addicts they do there time then there sent out into the world with no money looking for jobs that are very rare and few between expecially with a felony . so they go back to doing what they know will bring in the money to pay for Po court costs fines and whatever else they can come up with to get money out of ex cons . Is it like this in every state . I know my son almost died twice while detoxing in jail they didnt give a s--- and now my daughter is being brainwashed by an inmate who spends more time on the phone with her while in prison he has got her to mule drugs for him and now she has gotten caught and looking at time where are the guards while this man is on phone brainwashing my kid for 25 hrs a day id like to know cause im fed up from what ive seen the inmates are still running the drugs out here but using our kids from in there:hmm:

fbopnomore 01-02-2019 05:15 AM

Welcome to Prison Talk. I'm sorry for what you, and your children are dealing with.

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