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Munira 04-12-2020 09:43 AM

LoCI Ohio Prison Marriage Questions
Hello Everyone,

My fiancee is currently incarcerated at London Correctional Institution in Madison County, Ohio. He has done 18 years and has 10 years more left on his sentence.....we want to marry next year (February 2021) before he starts the process to file for a judicial release so if he's granted one within the next few years he can start to look for employment where I live an not have to return to the city he is from.

Anyway, what is the process? We know about the letter of intent asking to marry that we both must write and get approved. After what are the steps? How do we find a officiant that's approved to perform ceremonies at that prison? How do we get the marriage license with him being not able to go to the courthouse? When should we start the process being as we want it to be in February 2021 and it's currently April 2020? How much does it cost? I live in Cuyahoga County and I'm sure I can't do anything here. Any and All help is appreciated!!!!

sass4221 04-12-2020 09:51 AM

HERE is the link to the Ohio portion of the Prison/Jail Wedding forum which is located HERE

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