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Becky2 08-16-2012 01:17 AM

Heads up.....prison guards threaten strike action
Heard on the news today that Queensland prison staff will be conducting strike action over public service sackings and changes to the employment conditions by the Newman government.

Keep an eye out guys and don't be surprised if visits are cancelled (you'll be told when you arrive) and you don't get phone calls. I went through all this in NSW when my guy was away and its a pain in the proverbial.

Good luck.

MadeInOz 08-16-2012 02:08 AM

Update - see link below - Prisons in lock down as guards walk off the job.

Prisons are - Lotus Glen and Capricornia Correctional Centre.

Partial op-ed:

There are probably going to be more of this sort of thing in the coming weeks, due to the QLD Government's industrial relations negotiations. I also heard that they may be looking to reduce the prison 'industries' (or workshops) for 7 days a week down to 5.

Becky2 08-16-2012 02:54 AM Pity no one considers how it affects the families.

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