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snobsktblsr 03-13-2009 10:15 AM

court dates changed to drug court?!
I check online to see my ex's court dates frequently because he has so many. Yesterday I checked and saw he had six diferent ones (he was arrested 4 times within a month because he kept getting bailed out then arrested again). He had a bunch of different charges like possession of drugs, possesion of stolen property, dwi, and some theft charges. Yesterday online it said he had court dates scheduled for later this month; 4 in the regular criminal court house, 1 in drug court, and 1 said dept xe (I called to see what this meant and they said that this meant they haven't decided where this court date would be). Also online since he was arrested the last time it has always said "no bail allowed". This morning I checked online and every thing has changed. He has bail set at around $245,000 and he only has one scheduled court date in the drug court. Does anyone know why all this would have changed? I have no clue what all of this means! I cannot contact him (it's a long story) to see whats up and his pd is unreachable. His family doesn't have a computer and live far away so all they have is me to let them know what's happening. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thanks so much!

Mark2008 03-14-2009 12:04 AM

My guess is they are sending him to a special drug court if all his cases were drug related. The DA may have decided to roll all of those charges into one, or into multiple counts in the same case.

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