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sidewalker 10-12-2020 08:46 AM

And so it begins.......ball time.
Well we are going on 7 weeks or so with the new dog. Some things have been easy, some not so much.
He's learning not to jump on us. Learning not to mouth us. Learned not to rush the doors.
Learning he goes out AFTER we do. Learning he can only go on the one couch.
We are still working on our walks but after getting him a front clip harness, HEEL is much easier and I dont get pulled even half as much. Now to work on not criss crossing and that he does not get to sniff every single place he wants to.
Im trying to get to the point with our walks that I dont have to worry about how he will react when he sees another dog walking. And that its ok to just walk by without freezing and trying to charge it.
That all other people just out walking are not cause for concern.

I dont think I'll be able to get him used to Halloween decorations. lol. He just froze the other day. Refused to continue forward. Hair up, and growling (a first) I couldnt figure out why. No dogs. No people. Nothing out of the ordinary........oh wait. Someone covered juniper bushes in fake could look like a huge white furred beast. hahaha, I think that was it. So, ok. No problem. We turn around and go the other way. He kept looking over his shoulder to see if it followed. No. It didnt.

This morning? He found a ball someone didnt put up. He's grabbing it, dropping it and watching it bounce. The jumping on it and repeating the behavior.
So it begins. Ball time.

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