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YOGA62 05-31-2020 05:12 PM

OIG Report FEB 2020 Lots on HEP C in BOP
Just found this report with a lot of information on HEP C and BOP statistics on treatment in federal prisons and how many prisons are not even testing inmates when a large percentage have HEP C. The cost of the drugs is high but the cost of liver failure and cancer treatments is far higher.

I passed this report to my son's attorney and asked him to print it and give it to him at sentencing in two weeks. My son is still awaiting the second test. The prisons sometimes don't test inmates and delay...while the virus gets worse and the inmates liver deteriorates. My son doesn't know yet as he is still waiting for the second test. He had the first test almost two weeks ago. He is not diabetic, A1C was in the 5.5 level..but the HEP C is still unknown.

Mary2059 10-19-2020 07:44 PM

Link did not work
the link did not work. I think BOP waits until the Hep C is a a high level before treatment. I would like to know what the level is that would require BOP to give treatment?

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