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mrs.v23 05-16-2012 07:56 PM

Parole and the grid
Okay so I want to understand this a little more. How much weight does the grid sheet hold with the Parole Board? Do they only base it off of the new one (post 08) or do they look at the former too? And my last question when I looked at the reconmendation sheet my husband is a CSL 4 in the low catagory which is 22 and at the bottome it says 65% of sentence so does that mean 65 % of 22 or is the 22 65% (which doesnt sound right to me for a 3 year sentence. Anyway any help on this I would greatly appreciate. I am going to the law firm and I want to go in understanding what I'm talking about

champsgirl79 05-17-2012 11:56 AM

I'd say the grid is pretty accurate as to what they go by, I believe they go off the newest grid. 65% of 36 months is 23.4 months so 22 on the low end sounds right :-) my baby's grid was 44 months roughly and we are at 46 months now, his tpm month was march which was the 44 month mark...waiting on address verification now and he should be out in the next few weeks...hope that helps!!!

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