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Phil in Paris 09-16-2002 08:36 AM

Anyone in Milton,FL ?
Hi everybody
I'm new to PTO. My name is Philippe, I'm 41 yrs old and live in Paris France. In March I wrote a prisoner for the first time in my life. He's in Santa Rosa CI in Milton, Fl. We are now very close to each other, and I've planed to visit him for a week-end end of September beginning of October. My question is: Is there anyone here living in/or close to Milton who would rent me a bedroom at reasonable price for 2 nights ? If not, I've found Red Roof Inn which seems to be the closest hotel to his prison. Does anyone think of something closer AND cheaper ? It's an expensive trip for just a week-end and I try to make it as cheap as possible, and I definitly don't need a 4 stars accomodation. Another question is: does anyone know if there's a scheduled bus service between Pensacola airport and Milton, so that I don't need to rent a car ? What is the CHEAPEST car rental compagny in Fla ?
The addres of the prison is
Santa Rosa CI
5850 East Milton Road
Milton, Fla 32583.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated !!!
Thanks very much

Menally-Ill 09-16-2002 09:29 AM

Bonjour Philippe!!! Je suis en Canada, mais pas en Québec! Zut, alors!!!

Welcome to PTO. We do have some people here from Florida, and with loved ones IN Florida.

While I can't help you, perhaps one of them will.


Goody's Girl 09-16-2002 09:34 AM

Philippe, welcome to PTO! I live about 60 miles East of Milton. Not sure about bus service from the airport to Milton, don't think there is one that would go that far. Your best bet would be to rent a car. Budget Car Rental is about the cheapest, I think and they should have cars at the airport. Milton is a VERY small town, and there probably aren't very many motels in the town itself. Once you get a rental car at the airport, you will probably drive about 30 minutes to Milton, depending on the route you take.

I hope you have a great visit, and enjoy the Florida sunshine, even though it is Hurricane season right now.


Phil in Paris 09-16-2002 09:40 AM

Thanks both of you for your quick replies, it helps!! Gosh ! Before I thought nobody ever knew about Milton !!!! I don't think I'll enjoy anything excpet my visit to my friend, I'll arrive on Friday evening and leave on Sunday evening!
Anyway thanks again both of you for your reply

Ken 09-16-2002 04:51 PM

Phil in Paris!

Welcome to PTO!

I know that you will find the answers to your questions here!

escamillo 09-23-2002 12:39 AM

Phil, you may visit this site:

Following their directions you will obtain a lot of information for your trip. I used this service for my planned trip to visit my son in Coleman, Florida. Now I'll try to include the map that I obtained for your trip, but I don't know if the image will be accepted in this post. If I fail, you will easily get it from that site: put a name to the trip, for example "Milton", then answer the questions: Pensacola FL round trip to Milton Florida, that's all.

Un abrazo,

escamillo 09-23-2002 01:02 AM

I didn't find a way to attach the map in my post, but I did it in the "GALLERY" of PrisonTalk. Select "Gallery"at the very top of the page, then select category "Prison & Institutions" and you will find the map, it's the only one uploaded by Escamillo (le toreador, dans CARMEN du Georges Bizet)

Un abrazo,
Andrés (Magré, grandparents from L'Orient)

Phil in Paris 09-23-2002 02:24 AM

Ay caramba !!! muchas gracias Amigo !!!!
now I know I need 29 minutes from my hotel to the prison !!
and I even know there's a Mc Donald's 0,4 miles from my hotel !! :D :D
Thank you very much again, escamillo, you know what ? I was very happy to see for the first time his prison located on a map
suerte para ti, tu hijo y tu familia

escamillo 09-23-2002 03:58 AM

Your' very welcome, Phil. I wish you have a good trip. Everything will be ok for your stomach too, as long as you bypass the McDonalds. :)

I wander if most PTO people know the Mapquest site. It's fantastic, you can plan a trip from/to anywhere in te US.

Un abrazo,
Andrés - Suerte para tí también

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