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Lady Grey 43 10-12-2016 12:22 AM

Intro - Lady Grey 43
Hello everyone My Fiance is currently at the Hart County Jail on a parole violation. He has no new charges and it looks like he will be stuck there until his MRS comes up. Which is stupid he is stuck cause in his case he has a class C felony and cannot be classified at the jail only at DOC but with the over crowding it may be 3 months or more before he can go by then he will have reached his MRS date. But I am doing everything I can to make sure he is taken care of in there. I have learned that the more you take control of a situation the faster you get results. I am new to all this from this side I worked for 10 years off and on in county Jails and correctional facilities but I am a fast learned. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease

Sarianna 10-12-2016 03:33 AM

Hello Lady Grey and a warm welcome to Prison Talk! Glad you found us and hopefully you will find support and friends on here, as well as share your own experiences. Good luck to you and yours!

patchouli 10-12-2016 05:25 AM

Hello :wave: Welcome to PTO and the Kentucky forum :) I will offer this advice about squeaky wheels: Choose your battles carefully. Often times the more you grease that wheel, the more it runs over your loved one :cool: There are repercussions, retributions and paybacks For Him.

Lady Grey 43 10-12-2016 08:23 PM

I get that
I try to pick my battles when it comes to what I will fight over and what I will let slide. My biggest issue has been with his healthcare and with that I will not compromise. But I finally got all of that straight. Its only cause he is in a county jail that we have had issues. They are more concerned about saving a dollar then what they are suppose to do. Luckily I am very familer with the protocols since I worked for over 10 years in the correctional medical field. All the other stuff I have had to educate myself on.
But I am glad to have found you all sometimes it feels like you are on all your own out here

Lady Grey 43 12-25-2017 10:33 PM

Well I am back here but now I'm a wife. Hubby is currently in Hardin County Detention Center. His case is high profile but the evidence proves that he didn't do what they are claiming. But the common wealth still wants to go ahead with a trial so far they made an offer of 30 years which is crap and we told no way we will go to trial. Trial was set for December but the Commonwealth came in and said they weren't ready they have had almost a year so trial was pushed back to Feb. well I have seen everything and the state has a sloppy investigation the KSP didn't do their job. The defense team has enough to make the state look like idiots so we are saying go ahead. I hate that he is in Hardin County but the only good thing is the video visits. Everything else is crap. I am hanging on I have good days and I have bad days this season has been really tough and sometimes I just want to break down, But he keeps me going despite being locked up he is so positive so I try to stay that way as well and if I'm not I make sure he doesn't know it.

patchouli 12-26-2017 01:28 PM

Damn. I'm sorry you're back on this roller coaster :( Yeah, Hardin County is one of the rougher county facilities, most likely because of its proximity to Ft. Knox.

Did he not file a Motion for a Speedy Trial? The waiting and wondering "how many years" is really the hardest part of this journey. Sentencing is tough, too :cry: But you know the routine, and that things level out once he gets to prison.

Congratulations on your marriage!!

Lady Grey 43 12-26-2017 11:20 PM

Thanks for the congrats. I wish things were different is all. Well we have just got to wait and right now the state has nothing but a botched investigation. I don't want my hubby doing time for something he didn't do. So we are in a holding pattern right now.

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