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Lala5k 09-06-2020 06:23 PM

Free Tablets to all inmates?
My husband is currently on CM1 at Charlotte CI. I really feel like itís unfair that CM1 and CM2 inmates arenít aloud access to tablets especially during the pandemic. Also chapter 33 states that CM is not a punishment itís a special housing unit. Anyways today the kid down the hall from him said he received an email saying that they were taking all the tablets and replacing them with new ones and giving free ones to everybody else with cameras at the top. My man obviously canít see the email but does anyone know if this is true?

icj357 09-08-2020 06:25 AM

My son is at Bay CF, and he heard the same thing, if you already have a tablet you will have to turn it in, he does not like that he will have to turn in his current tablet as he has accumulated lots of music and is worried that he will loose what he (we) have invested in. Supposedly after your release, you call or write to Jpay and they will send you an unlocked tablet with all of your media on it. He is also worried about loosing all of his pictures. Right now it is a wait and see kind of thing.

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