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patchouli 06-29-2017 11:36 AM

Tell the FCC: Keep the internet free/proposal to destroy net neutrality.
Not exactly a petition, not exactly prison activism and not even exactly prison related, I feel it is PTO related and PTO member related as I'm afraid we may be one of the "slower to load" sites should the internet become "pay-to-play." Even if we all donated $5 a month, we could not compete with the large wealthy corporations. PTO and our members play an important part helping others navigate the injustice system, the prison system, and Probation/Parole....this same tRump appointee (FCC Chairman Pai) has already stopped the suit for prison phone rate caps...let's not let him interfere with the prison support system we have here at PTO:

A free and open internet is vital for our democracy and for our daily lives. But the Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal that would let the wealthiest corporations run the Web – and control the information we consume every day. FCC Chairman Pai’s plan opens the way to pay-to-play “fast lanes” for those who can afford it – and slower connections for everyone else’s websites. Who wins? Big Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. Who loses? Users of the Internet like students, small businesses, start-ups, and ordinary people like you. It’s about the right to be heard and the right to hear others.
In 2015 millions demanded net neutrality protections and won. We can win again, and we must. Submit a comment to the FCC now to tell them you oppose Chairman Pai’s proposal to destroy net neutrality.


Chairman Pai's pay-to-play model would give giant internet companies the power to prioritize what we read, watch, and explore online. I won't stand for it. It's about my right to be heard and my right to hear others. I submit my public comment to oppose Chairman Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections.

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