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tlewis99 09-19-2020 12:23 PM

FCI Midwest (Manchester, Greenville or Marion medium): Living conditions?
Does anyone know anything about the living conditions and if any are child friendly as far as visiton at FCI Manchester, Greenville or Marion medium? My son was told he can ask to go to 3 facilities to serve his sentence although not guaranteed. These 3 are closest to his kids.

fbopnomore 09-19-2020 04:15 PM

Welcome to Prison Talk. I hope you get answers from folks who are familiar with those 3 prisons. If the sentencing judge recommends a specific prison, it apparently increases (but doesn't guarantee) his chances to be sent there. Another huge benefit the judge can order is to allow him to self surrender. Otherwise he will be transported in chains to his designated prison. It took me over 6 months, passing through 5 of the bop's worst prisons to get where I was going. Have his lawyer request self surrender.

Here are multiple page threads about the 3 prisons. Since the posted messages can be about any of the security levels at each prison complex, and the conditions are completely different, more severe the higher the custody level at each prison, be sure you are reading about the one where he will probably be sent. All 3 are Medium security prisons although Marion was downgraded from a high security penitentiary to a medium security penitentiary. The two prisons I was in that had also been "downgraded" from high to medium security were much stricter than any of the FCI medium security prisons I was in. The bop changed the sign on the door, but forgot to tell the guards.



Greenville: The satellite camp at Greenville houses female prisoners.

You can also check the bop web page for each prison. The A&O handbook shows the inmate rules and there is also information about visitation, mail, etc.

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