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kintml2u 11-21-2002 04:38 PM

Which federal location is your loved one at? one has posted yet so I guess I will start! I know there are quite a few loved ones of federal inmates around here...and I'd like to see how many we have and where they are.

My loved one is in USP BEaumont, Texas

JohnsMom 11-21-2002 05:22 PM

I was waiting for someone to post on this site. I see you are in Maryland and he is in Texas.

I am in Texas but my son
is in FCI Waseca, Minnesota.

The BOP doesn't believe in placing them near family.


kintml2u 11-21-2002 05:37 PM

No...the BOP surely don't care where they place them!

But its funny they do mention something about 500 miles.....whats that? A space wasted in there books!

Geez...your son is far away too....!

BillnDenise 11-21-2002 06:19 PM

FCI Beckley in WV--Yeah the judge ordered the Feds to place Billy "as close to home as possible." So far they've done that, until his points drop and they move him 3 hours away. Then my life will be turned upside down again.

JohnsMom 11-22-2002 01:53 AM

I heard about the 500 miles but I think they left out the "times 2 or 3".
Denise, I am glad you have your Billy so close to home.


kintml2u 11-23-2002 07:28 AM its a miss the rest of the rules huh?

flygirlaa2 11-23-2002 10:02 AM

Mine is at USP Atwater in cali. He usd to be at Beaumont, but they moved him to fill the new prison. I'm in Tx

kintml2u 11-23-2002 02:02 PM

can you tell me if your loved one had a clean record prior to moving him to fill the new prison....did he request the move...or was just picked? I'm asking this only because we hope that when the USP closer to here opens...he wants to try to get moved there.

JohnsMom 11-23-2002 02:51 PM

That is what it is...a misprint! LOL
I do know that the rule is they must be in one place for 18 months before a transfer request is considered. There was also a rule that if you have less than 10 years, you can request a transfer to a camp nearer home...but less than two weeks before my son qualified, a memo went out that the policy was to be changed to less than 7 years.

Question to all: Is anyone going to try to visit during Thanksgiving or Christmas? My son told me not to waste the money for the trip when I might only get to see him for a few minutes due to the large number of people visiting during the holidays. He has been there since April with no visitors.

kintml2u 11-23-2002 03:09 PM

Brenda....Mine man was moved out of FCI Beckley at the very end of March...and I haven't seen him since February! :( It hurts..and no I will not be able to visit him during the holidays. Thats why I am so hoping for something good to come out of his next reveiw! In May...long way! :(

knuffiwelt1 11-23-2002 04:42 PM

Eddie is USP Lompoc, CA

BillnDenise 11-23-2002 06:31 PM

Well, we can't see Billy for Thanksgiving because he's out of points. However, the 1st falls on Sunday, and I'm debating on whether to visit that day. Don't know if it will still be so crowded. (my luck, it will be) But for Christmas, I'm sure I'll visit him one day that week since I have the week off work.

JohnsMom 11-24-2002 11:38 AM

I believe that Sabine and Eddie are the farthest apart.

I am so happy for you that will visit for the Holidays.

Yes, that is a long way off. I am not sure when my son's next review is. They told him in so many words they will not consider a transfer until the 18 months are up. I have been writing Representatives, Congressmen, etc to try to get a transfer. So far all I received is a "I'll check into it and get back to you".

Have a wonderful Sunday.

kintml2u 11-24-2002 01:48 PM

Ofcourse as much as they blow smoke up our a**es, (sorry), when he was moved down there, his old case worker and counselor and also the new ones agreeed that it was an unfair move. They raised his point level higher to move him out. So he was told if he stayed shot free from April to November they would put in a transfer request. But it seems at USP Beaumont, if you don't stand your don't stand a chance! Needless to say..he got into a no move! But now it sticks again...lets see what May brings! lol

JohnsMom 11-25-2002 05:04 AM

Hi kin,
We will both be looking forward to the spring. My son told me last night that he would get a review in April. I know what you mean by the smoke up the a--es. Anymore and I will be visited by A
ir Quality Control, lol.
Well, at least we have great support here to make it through.
Have a great Monday...I am off all week!
Take Care,

jakrusedenco 11-25-2002 06:10 AM

i just visited my pen pal at the FCI i Florence CO last Friday. he is origianlly from WI, wants to transfer closer to home, but probably won't be able to. Why? the prople that testified against him at his trial are all at facilitieis that would qualify for him as closer and the authorities do not wish to 'mix' them together.

he also did tell me that before ANY transfer can happen, that an inmate MUST have 18 months without any 'violations' not just 18 months at the given facility.

i don't know if this helps clarify some of the talk here, but this is what i was told.



jakrusedenco 11-25-2002 06:13 AM

just a quick note here.

i posted a rather lengthy post about my experience going to, from and during the vistit at FCI in Florence. i know that this may be old hat to some, but i am thinking that perhaps it might be new info to some here. anyway, the link should take you to the correct forum/discussion for you to read.



JohnsMom 11-25-2002 09:44 AM

I am going to read your post because at one time my son's case manager said the nearest he will get back to home will probably be FCI Florence. Thanks for the input.

Steve&kids 11-25-2002 10:26 AM

Stephanie is at FMC Carswell, Ft. Worth, Texas. Steve&kids

KRIS_NC 11-25-2002 12:38 PM


kintml2u 11-25-2002 02:05 PM

That is great! I will hold you in my I will be praying until he is closer again! lol the old QC
Yes...these groups do offer great sure is easier with them...them what it was without!

Have a nice week to work I go!

JohnsMom 11-25-2002 06:54 PM

You are also in my prayers. We just keep up the courage to push forward. Until I found this site I never discussed my son with anyone because they did not want to hear...I guess this way they can forget it happened. Enough of that>>>are you going to be off Thanksgiving Day? I got absolutely nothing done today. Oops, my daughter just came in so I will talk later. Have a good day at work tomorrow.

JohnsMom 11-26-2002 02:44 AM

Hi to all,
Just a quick note concerning FedCure and National Cure.

I am joining for my son and myself. They are involved with BOP issues. It is $3 for an inmate and $20 for an individual. After I receive my membership verification, I am going to see if they can help in the "distance from loved ones" problem. Although it may not be as important, I feel it ranks high in maintaining rehabilitation for inmates. There is also a list of congressmen who support the organization. I thought some of you who have loved ones in the Federal System might be interested.

lulu 11-26-2002 09:44 AM

i have a freind that i grew up with in leavenworth ks

KelliKoz 11-26-2002 10:08 AM

My husband is at FCI in Florence, Colorado. I live in Michigan and I go visit every 4-6 weeks. I just moved here about three months ago for a job opportunity. It used to be 1,000 miles, now it is 1600, but by air it isn't much difference. They are building a new prison in Herlong, California, about 45 miles from my hometown of Reno, Nevada. Perhaps he can get moved there to be closer to his daughter and elderly parents when it is complete. His place isn't too bad at all, but it is still prison and the guards seem to like to let you know that all the time. At least there is a beautiful view of the mountain ranges from the visiting room!

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