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gvalliant 10-17-2020 10:19 AM

Ballot Propositions 17, 20, 25
This election contains 3 propositions that directly impact us. If you plan to vote you should consider these.

Prop 17 is the voting initiative. This would allow people on parole from CA state prison to be eligible to register to vote. There are tens of thousands currently on parole at any given time. I personally don't agree with the whole idea of "post-conviction" parole anyway (that's a whole different topic) but feel if parolees want to vote they should be allowed.

Prop 20 is the worst of the bunch. It reverses some of prop 47 which had redefined some felonies as misdemeanors significantly reducing sentences they faced. This proposition would turn several of those back into felonies. It also reverses some of prop 57 by redefining some felonies currently classified as non-violent to violent making them ineligible for early parole consideration under prop 57. The California Prison Guard union is the primary funding source providing almost 90% of the funding - what a surprise. Followed by police and deputy groups. These guys just want more inmates, more money, more jobs. This prop has to go down in flames.

Prop 25 is the cash bail initiative. It will uphold or overturn SB10 from a couple of years ago which has been put on hold. Yes means cash bail, and pretty much the entire bail bond industry in California, is gone. It gets replaced by some "risk formula" which is a little TBD but better than cash. All the usual suspects oppose (prison unions and LEO organizations).

sidewalker 10-18-2020 09:13 AM

I should be paying more attention to the props. And I just cant seem to let my brain understand them. When the heck are they gonna write these things so you dont have to be a lawyer to understand them.
I did know about 17, and also agree those on parole should be able to vote.
Anything endorsed by LE is likely getting a no vote from me.

The ones Im stuck on is 15 and 19. Probably gonna talk about those today with a friend. Thinking no on 15 and maybe yes on 19.

Bamswife6200 10-18-2020 02:59 PM

Thanks for posting this, it’s really important for anyone in CDCR custody. Prop 20, if passes will allow the board of parole to decide whether an inmate “attitude” about their crime as means to deny parole. It will also require that inmates who are denied have to wait 2 years for parole review again instead of one year. This will set the system back. VOTE NO ON PROP 20!!

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