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kris' pooh bear 04-08-2006 04:59 PM

What You Need to Know About Green River Correctional Complex
1200 River Road
P.O. Box 9300
Central City, Kentucky 42330

Phone: (270) 754-5415
Fax: (270) 754-2732

For directions, map & visitng info etc:

rosedealer 07-08-2006 08:23 PM

thank you so much for this information it will come in handy if he is sent back there again which is what we are hoping for. This is my first time to deal with the prison system but he has done it now for the third time. thanks so much for the info

ddd711 04-07-2011 09:26 AM

travel from california
what would be the best way to visit at grcc . by plane to which airport to transportation to facility...thank you

thugwife 04-07-2011 02:53 PM

As I told the other one, I cannot tell you how to get from GRCC from out of state. That would be very costly, and I want you to be sure there is not a issue with out of state ID's I dont have experience with that. It shouldnt be a issue, but this is prison we are talking about and they dont play nice at times.

I would assume you would fly in from Cali, to the Louisville airport there you can rent a car, which I assume is the plan, you would be coming up 65 S then.

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