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Jillian 05-01-2007 10:14 AM

May's Sibling Chit Chatter Box :D
Well another month gone thru and its getting closer and closer to summer! I know that we are all glad that Winter is gone and the warmer days are ahead!

Once again we have so many new members not only on PTO as a whole, but here in the siblings forum and its so good to see siblings get together and support each other. Its always a blessing to talk to someone who has been through similiar things and can understand when the other is venting or just needed someone to talk too.

Here is a Quick Synopsis of where we all left off last month!

Atalie- Her brother's unit was placed on lockdown and didnt get a phone call, but only a few were lockdown. Catherine is currently looking at a special treat this weekend. As she is flying to MD to take care of her grandson :D !! So i am sure he is going to be spoiled this weekend.. Have a safe drive ...and be good :D

boflipflops36 - Came thru the siblings chat sharing stories of her grand daughter April's Fool experience. And it was so cute! thanks for that we appreciate it as it brought smiles to our faces. Her brother is doing ok and she is currently trying to find out if he can be transferred to a camp closer to his home. I hope he is able to too.. (got our fingers crossed for him)

BT'S LIL SIS - Made her debut appearance here in the Siblings chat thread last month! Her brother is doing ok, but he has lost all of his so called dearest friends. Which unfortunately most of our loved ones experience upon entering the DOC. She as we all do worry if our siblings truly appreciate what we do for them. And BT's lil sis , i am sure he appreaciates all that you do for him!

DLM- Deb is currently looking for cows and sheeps so if anyone has any for sale please let her know . This way she wont have to cut her grass :p !! Deb has been out and about enjoying her new found glory (warm weather ) to the fullest!

jjlew- We havent heard from you, hope all is well with you! (((HUGS))

Lauren1984- has dropped in to let us know that her brother will be home in July 27th. Congrats on that, he will be in our prayers that he has learned alot from his experience away from the family . And that he starts to realize that his sister has always been here for him.

Medicscrazy- Stopped in to say hi, and to let us know that her brother is currently taking GED Classes and is looking forward to continuing his education as much as he can while in there. He is currently going thru a rough patch where he doesnt feel alive. He is lucky to have a sister like medics as she is his rock. Keep updating us.:thumbsup:

- Well, well what can we say but she is somewhere in FL jumping (very carefully) for joy with her husband as they are welcoming a baby boy soon. They currently have 2 girls .Matt is currently going to court for an appeal and is in all of our prayers.

As for me, my lil one got sick yesterday and threw up, was still a lil quiet thru out the night then at 4 this morning she sat up and it all came out again, about 20 mins later it happened again but hasnt happend since then . She says she feels tons better this morning.. Called to check on my husband's appeal and guess what, they now can't find it and the woman said " oh, just let him do it over :angry:!" I was pissed and finally talked to the District Clerk himself as i was pissed that for the last couple of months i was told it was pending when they dont even have it ..
As for my uncle thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate it.

I do hope that this month is good not only for us but for our family as well!

DLM 05-01-2007 04:05 PM

Jillian- Once again you have outdone yourself!!!
I'm so happy to know someone like you -you always manage to bring a smile to my face even when I'm really down in the dumps:D . Hope your daughter gets better soon-such a worry isn't it when they get sick and it always seems to happen so suddenly.Give her lots of big hugs from all of us.
Arrggh about your husband's appeal and all the disorganization about that! Does he have to start completely over now and does he know yet that it's been 'lost'? What a darn shame:mad: .

As Jillian said, hope everyone here will have a great May:) :) .

poulinsj 05-01-2007 05:49 PM

You are so awesome Jillian. Our lives sound so exciting...we should be on a soap opera. How frustrating about your husband's appeal. How is your daughter feeling? I hate nights like that. Seems like i'm endlessly doing laundry. I hope she feels alot better today.

Tomorrow, i will be going to court on Matt's behalf. I dread it..not the going to court part, but the paying for a babysitter to sit in a courtroom part! Argh!

I'm so craving chocolate cake right now. I haven't had a craving yet and it's driving me nuts. Hmmm...i wonder if i can get hubby to make a late night run to the grocery.

Jillian 05-02-2007 11:43 AM

Hey all well the movers are coming tomorow ( the truck had problems) I hope! Waiting to hear from them now. I leave on saturday and i am ready to go back home. Be closer to my husband ((YEAH)!!

poulinsj- you get hubby to make a late night run? For his first son i am sure he would go to cape canaveral and get a shuttle and go to the moon for a moonpie:D .. Glad you like the opening for the month, gotta keep everyone updated..

DLM- Its great to have someone like you in my life as well, you are a great spirit and truly genuine person :D

I am glad y'all like the opening .. i try.. :D

DLM 05-02-2007 03:42 PM

Sheila- How did the court hearing go? Did you get on Matt's visiting list finally?
Hope you got some chocolate cake too! (Also remember to try and not get too stressed over this as your son needs a calm Mom right now :))
Jillian- I was wondering today about your move- I will be keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive energy to that mover that you get back home safely.
Catherine-Hope your weekend is filled with all kinds of exciting adventures!!

How's everyone else doing?? Guess I will be cutting the grass tomorrow-actually all that activity is a great stress reducer....(or so I keep telling myself:rolleyes: )

poulinsj 05-02-2007 06:56 PM

Well, i didn't get him to make a late night run, but he did make me chocolate chip cookies at 9pm. He would die if i told anyone that he is an awesome baker. That man can bake cakes/cookies. :)

Matt's hearing went very well. It was an evidentiary hearing for his appeal and i feel it went in his favor. We didn't get a's a sit and wait thing. I thought he had his trial won too, so i'm not holding my breath. We shall see...

I am so tired today. I've been staying up way too late watching TV. I am hooked to Lost so i'll be up tonight too! Oh well...

Jillian...i hope everything goes smoothly with the movers and nothing gets broken. ;) Did you have to pack up your stuff, or are they doing everything for you? I HATE moving! It seems like regardless of how careful we are, things get broken/dinged up. I bet you're ready to get closer to hubby!

Signing off tonight gals. :) Going to raid the fridge. Did i tell you all, i've already gained 20lbs. read it right 20 lbs. Yikes! Maybe i should lay off the cookies. haha And to think i still have 5 months left. :idea:

DLM 05-03-2007 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by poulinsj
Well, i didn't get him to make a late night run, but he did make me chocolate chip cookies at 9pm. He would die if i told anyone that he is an awesome baker. That man can bake cakes/cookies. :)

Sheila- We won't tell anyone we promise:p ! Do you have any idea how lucky you are having a hubbie who will make chocolate chip cookies at 9pm just for you! Good grief- hang on to him:thumbsup:
So is the hearing over now for Matt?Do you have any idea when you can expect to hear anything?
Catherine- Wishing you safe travels to your grandson and lots of fun this weekend:)
Jillian- Wishing you safe travels too with lots and lots of luck with the move- thinking of you, hoping things aren't too stressful this weekend.Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!!!!!

Well I took the heavy, old lawn mower out of the garage and that's as far as I got with that thing. Maybe tomorrow?:rolleyes:

Jillian 05-03-2007 06:04 PM

Well i am still moving on Saturday ,but the movers who were supposed to be here on tuesday, then changed to today is supposed to be coming between saturday thru wednesday.. I am going to call the main office in the morning as i am going to make sure they get a taste of my obcscenity performance i gave dispatch today cause i want some sort of money back or taken off cause of this inconveniece .. . Other than that i believe , i found a bit of sanity in one of the drawers. So i am good for another few days , or hrs .. :D

Deb- do yall have lawn ppl around there, there is some that goes around by my cousin's that are 25 dollars every 2wks and they do everything from cutting,raking, weeding, hedges, mulching..everything.. so that is not bad.. If i could i would cut it for you, i have cut lawn one time before.. (well i had someone start it for me) :D

Shelia- My husband is a great cook as well. I bet you enjoyed those cookies. i told my husbandi cant wait till he came home, cause i like to cook but then again i dont like too cook. I miss simple things like that .. I am glad that Matt appeal is looking good for him .. please keep us updated , did you get too talk too him? Did he add you too his visitation list?

Catherine- Where are you? At toysrus? buying lots of toys ..

poulinsj 05-04-2007 08:12 PM

Wow Jillian, i guess the movers are on their own schedule, huh? Are you supposed to wait around all day until they decide to show up? Argh! How frustrating. I bet you are ready for it to be over!

No news on Matt. I have no idea how the whole appeals thingy works anyways. Personally, i think he should just ride out his time, and feel he listens to too many "jailhouse lawyers", but of course, these are just my own opinions. :rolleyes:

My Kaila is turning 2 this week. We are having a cookout for her on Sunday. We are doing the Dora theme as she is into Dora the Explorer. May is a rough month...lots of birthdays and Mother's day. Then June is Alexis' birthday. I'm so glad i'm having a FAll baby. :)

Hubby is playing softball i need to get to bed and fall asleep so he doesn't bother me...if you get my drift...:p

Talk to you all later.


Jillian 05-04-2007 09:31 PM

Shelia i hope that you hear something about his appeal soon! Sounds like you will have your hands filled for her birthday, my lil one had dora for her 3 rd birthday .. My lil one's birthday is june as well.

Well i am about to sign off in a bit, as i got to catch a flight home in the morning.. .. i will talk too ya'll when i can.. hugs to all

DLM 05-05-2007 03:51 PM

Jillian- Hope the flight went well- remember we are thinking of you:thumbsup: :)!
Sheila- May means Birthdays for a lot of my family too. Happy Birthday to dear Kaila!

Well I really tried but could not get the darn old mower:mad: to start no matter how hard I tried. Wish they only charged $25 here but last time someone came around years ago they said they would charge me $40 just for the front lawn and that was years ago. Not always a good thing having a corner lot- way too much lawn:(.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend:)

medicscrazy 05-05-2007 08:46 PM

Thanks to Ewifey for the caring report. I have great news to report on my brother. He has one GED test to go and he will graduate (I guess thats what you call it). He has gotten out of his not feeling alive phase and has set his sites on coming home. We talk alot about his coming home. HE IS COMING TO LIVE WITH ME. It seems to give him hope that he knows he has a loving home to come home to and people that love him no matter what. He really enjoys making plans for that time. He also seems to enjoy the fact that I tell him certain things are his responsiblity when he comes home. Things like mowing the grass and doing yard work. I think it makes him feel needed and wanted. Something he hasn't had alot of in his life. Unfortunately most of the other members of our family parents being the worst seem to be pushing him away. Our parents don't seem to care about his needs anymore. He says that I'm the only one he can count on now. Its a big responsibility but I take it very seriously and love that we have the relationship we do.

Dec 2008 is his parole date. I keep him in my prayers as I do all the members and their loved ones on this site.

Atalie 05-06-2007 07:02 AM

Jillian I know you made it to Texas, hope you are having a good Sunday.
Deb I am having a good weekend with Logan. Yesterday we played outside and he took a bubble bath, he said "we are having so much fun grandma" His new favorite word is "Actually" he says it all the time.
Sheila happy birthday to Kaila, my son Josh has a birthday on May 23rd. he is a little older thought, he will be 34 years old !! EEK!!!!!!!

Atalie 05-07-2007 09:08 AM

medicscrazy, I know your brother appreciates you being there for him. I am in the same boat with my brother, I have one cousin who is supportive but that is it. My paretns are both dead, but I do have a sister who refuses to be involved in his life. She says it is just too hard. You know what? What isn't hard? Oh well!! It sounds like he is doing really well now.
Hope everyone else has a good week, it is sunny but chilly! I wonder if summer will come and stay this year!
Jillian no computer yet? Hope your stuff arrives safely.

DLM 05-07-2007 03:33 PM

medicscrazy- Your brother is so lucky having you in his life! I guess as Atalie said some family members just find it too hard for whatever reason. Maybe we are all the "unsung heroes". Not long before he's home again!

Atalie- How is Logan's arm- healed well? He sounds like such a sweetie-he's going to miss his Grandma.
How are your allergies - mine are awful but at least the sun is shining:yay:

Jillian- Hope all your stuff arrived safely!!! How the Texas weather?

Sheila- Let us know when you hear about the appeal-will be keeping Matt in my thoughts and prayers. How's the chocolate craving coming along:p ?

How's everyone else doing? Any news or updates or adventures?

Jillian 05-07-2007 04:41 PM

Well,well,well :D

Hey y'all i am back in texas , its kind of cool outside so i am happy about that, but its the texas version of cool, i brought to boxes with me full of clothes so i am set for a week or so, my dauhter just sees that as a way to get out and shop. thanks for thinking of us while we were flying.. I am glad that part is done, now all we have to do is wait for the movers .. to bring our stuff down.

Medic- i am so glad too see you in here. Thanks for the update on your brother! I am so happy to see that he is doing so much better than the last time you stopped in. Its good that he has someone like you in his life to help keep him sane during this time. I am sure he appreciates it more than you would ever know . as long as he knows that he doesnt have anything to prove to anyone but to himself. He only owes something to him self and that is too remain free and to live out his dreams. Hope too see ya in here soon.

atalie- i see you had tons of fun with your lil grandson. Did you take any pictures , or was it caught on video ( you running after him) :D ?

DLM- How are you doing? I hope all is well. (((HUGS))

Atalie 05-07-2007 05:47 PM

I am back home and exhausted!! We did have fun and it was so nice to spend time with him.
Jillian it is cool here too! Yur daughter sounds like me! Always a good reason to shop LOL
Deb, my allergies are ok right now, but it has been cool, I am sure as soon as it warms up again I will feel it.
I will be going to visit my brother this weekend, haven't been since end of march, so I am lookinfg forward to it. Hope it is not raining.

DLM 05-08-2007 03:04 PM

Jillian- SO glad you arrived safely and that part is over with. Now just to hope the movers get everything there without too many excuses. Moving has to be one of the most stressful things to do. What do Texans consider 'cool' weather-in the 80's?:p :D
Have you thought about when you're going to try for a visit with hubby?

Catherine- Glad you had a good weekend with Logan:) .
I'll be hoping there's no lockdown this weekend!!

Jillian 05-09-2007 12:59 PM

Deb- Girl i am so stressed by this crap its just making ever lil thing irk the hell out of me :D .. I am hoping to visit my husband before this month is over with, cause i really need to see him and vice versa, but i have so much stuff too do .. i may have surgery this friday, so this weekend is definately out. Then next weekend not sure , i am shooting for it, but right now with moving money is a factor, cause as i am not there they may tell my inlaws anything and charge me extra, if they do i wlil snap.. How are you doing ?

Catherine- glad that you are back as well and had a great visit with your grandson. I hope you have a great visit.. And also that he gets too call you friday as well ..

I hope everyone is doing well ,

DLM 05-09-2007 03:20 PM

Jillian- I hope the surgery isn't really serious-sending you many hugs and positive thoughts. Let us know how everything's going PLEASE!

Atalie 05-11-2007 07:26 AM

Jillian I can feel your stress through the computer! LOL if you are having surgery today I hope and pray it goes well, I hope you get to see your husband very soon, I think that will help to destress you a lot.
Deb! the allergies are back! I have been so miserable the last few days. Today I feel better even though my nose is running non stop LOL. I hate to make that drive when I feel so bad so I am praying I continue to feel better.

DLM 05-14-2007 11:13 AM

Jillian- Hope you are well! How are you doing- did you have the surgery?
Catherine- I keep reading that this is a really bad year for allergies-I'm having a hard time too. Did you manage to make the trip to see your brother anyway?
Sheila- Bet you had an especially wonderful Mother's Day this year!!!

Hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day! I had a nice day-it always cheers me up spending time with my son:)

Atalie 05-14-2007 11:40 AM

Deb, we had a great visit. There were only 6 inmates in there, I guess Friday night is a good time to go. We did not get home until 12:30, it was a very long day. But we had a really good visit though.
Jillian hope you are feeling better from your surgery. Hope all is going well, I know you are under a lot of stress, just hang in there hon. Give that cute little girl a big hug for us.
Hope everyone had a great mothers Day!

Jillian 05-14-2007 12:26 PM

Hey all i am not going to stay on long, just wanted to stop in and tell yall i am doing ok, i need to rest my eyes alot. They had to scrap a scar off my eye, so to take the haze off of it. Its doing well, even though i will never truly see clear clear in this eye, its been messed up since i had surgery for lazy eye when i was little. thanks for keeping me in your thoughts

catherine- i am so glad that you had a great visit, wow only 6 inmates, that is good that it wasnt loud but its sad that many dont have ppl who have loved ones who can visit them all the time or at all..

deb- how are you doing thanks for understanding my on and off prescence. thanks again for your concern..

DLM 05-15-2007 03:51 PM

Jillian- I had cataract surgeries last year on both of my eyes so I know a little of how you're feeling and I will still never see out of my left eye clearly but it's better than it was. Take it easy and do everything the doctor says- you don't want any complications. What a thing to happen just after all the stress of moving etc. Big big hugs being sent your way Jillian:grouphug: !
Catherine- Glad you were able to have such a good visit!!

We are now under a severe thunderstorm/tornado watch. Guess I should turn off the computer.

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