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jrob1967 03-09-2009 04:00 PM

Need Opinions on Vanderburgh County
I am facing a Class D Felony (Unlawful entry) and Class B Misdemeanor (Criminal mischief) in Vanderburgh county......currently awaiting pre-trial.......My question is this, will I be offered a plea bargain if my aunt does not want to press charges now or will they lower the hammer on me???? I know the sentencing guidelines, but would like opinions on this case.......Is the prosecutor tough in this county and will having a female judge hurt or help me???

I have a couple misdemeanors from the mid 90's, disorderly conducts,,,,,

Thanks for any advice.......My PD says he is trying to get it reduced to misdemeanor.......Had other people tell me that they might drop charges since my aunt does not want charges to be filed now.......

PTO-92958 03-10-2009 02:02 PM

Hi, welcome to PTO. :wave:
I was going to move your thread to the Illinois forum, but I cannot find any reference to Vanderburgh in there at all.
Is there any further info you can provide so I can try to direct you to the best place for an answer to your questions?
Perhaps take a look in there yourself and see if you can find a facility or area that addresses your concerns.
You can find the Illinois forum here. A listing of Illinois facilities can be found here.

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