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Becky2 03-12-2012 10:15 PM

Stating the bleeding obvious
I'm sure most of us could have told them this!

and who would have thought it - more and better jobs leads to lower crime levels....:rolleyes:

MadeInOz 03-28-2012 02:18 AM

In my estimation, there are four basic objectives in sending someone to prison:

1) Punishment - Teaching the individual a lesson, encouraging them not to do it again.
2) Deterrence - Trying to prevent others from doing the same thing.
3) Appeasement - Making society feel better that the nasty people are all locked away.
4) Victim Satisfaction - to ensure that the victim, their family, and loved ones affected by the crime receive justice for what was done to them.

Of these four, I think that in order of importance, they should rank 4,1&2, and 3rd dead last. The fact is that the best way to prevent crime, and recidivism is not longer sentences, but education, and opportunity. Locking them up, branding them as criminals, and worthless is extremely detrimental.

Sadly there's an increasing amount of a 5th reason (particularly in the US, but to a lesser degree here), Profit. Private companies which own prisons are encouraging/lobbying for longer sentences, prison sentences for lesser offences, all in the name of making money off human misery. It's f'n sick!

number8 03-28-2012 03:01 AM

True. Even if you ask random people why they don't.... punch someone, kill someone, rob a bank etc etc... they all answer "because I'd get caught".. sentence is secondary. First reason is 'getting caught'. So clearly increasing sentences do nothing for deterance at all.

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