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MurphyGirl 10-07-2005 09:27 AM

Welcome to the Lifers Resource Forum!
Hello Lifer Family!!

Welcome to our new Lifer Resource Forum!!

As you can see it is still under construction and we still have a lot of work ahead of us!!

But hopefully before too long you will come in here and find threads about 'lifer programs' and laws that effect us all.

PTO Forum Leader

Diane93635 10-07-2005 09:42 AM

penwife...Wow...your on a roll...these good ideas keep coming! :D This will be a great resource of information for us "lifers". Thanks...;)

txlady 10-11-2005 06:44 PM

I am so glad I found this web site. Thank you to all who are responsible for this. I have needed a place to chat with people who are going through the same thing I am and understand how I feel. I am not married to him, but he has asked me many times before and after being arrested. Problem is, a girl I know loves him also so I have tried to stay out of their way. I just let him know I am always here for him. From the cards and letters I get I can tell he knows I always will be. Even though we are apart, we are still so close.

4evernlove 07-10-2008 10:59 PM

I think this is a great place to come and read some new information on whats new and any advice for board hearings or anything regarding to lifers and thier faimilies. God knows it's not easy but now having a place where people understand Wow how wonderful........Thanks again

desertmoonwoman 08-12-2008 12:51 PM

Today I am ready to pick up a hammer, and continue the framework of this project you started Ann. I will start a new thread to gather information, because this is a barn raising and everyone needs to help! DMW

ilenev 07-24-2010 07:27 AM

Great. It is much needed. I'm desperate for information on any Lifer's Program in Florida. I understand there are only two institutions that offer it. Need help!

BOSSFREE310 10-15-2012 03:06 PM

Love this... Pleas keep me updated on anything. Thank God for this website and forums :)

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