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1dayatatime 04-20-2005 06:46 PM

ARTICLE: CO testifies in trial of inmate who held her hostage
CO testifies in trial of inmate who held her hostage
Associated Press

The Arizona female officer held hostage by two inmates for 15 days in an armed prison watchtower testified last week that both inmates sexually assaulted her within about an hour of taking over the tower.
Lois Fraley, who has gone public with her story, said she repeatedly begged inmates Ricky Wassenaar and Steven Coy not to assault her. Wassenaar is on trial on charges ranging from kidnapping to assault and sexual assault.
Fraley described during a brief appearance on the stand late Thursday how the tower was taken by the two inmates. She was expected to resume testifying Monday.
Wassenaar, who is acting as his own attorney, will cross-examine Fraley later in the trial. In an interview before the trial's start a month ago, he vowed to have her "in shreds" when he questions her about the rape allegations she made against him.
Coy, Wassenaar's accomplice in the hostage situation, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault, sexual assault and other charges. He is serving seven life terms in Maine under an agreement made to end the hostage standoff.
The standoff began on Jan. 18, 2004, when Wassenaar and Coy overpowered officers and staff in the kitchen using makeshift knives. They tricked the male officer in the tower into letting them in.
The male officer was released after a week, but Fraley was held for 15 days. It was among the longest U.S. prison hostage situations on record. It ended after authorities agreed to transfer the inmates to other states.

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