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Minor activist 03-05-2017 01:02 AM

Rhode Island system allows medication
(Moderators, if this needs to be moved to the Rhode Island sub-forum or to general news, thank you in advance).


“Sheriffs say, ‘Suboxone! I spend all my time trying to keep it out of the institution, why should I bring it in?’ ” says Klein.
In practice it sounds like the obvious problem is not happening. The patients actually don't seem to be feeding the black market.


One of the surprises in Rhode Island, Clarke says, is that the treatment program has itself improved security. As doctors enroll an increasing number of people, Clarke says she hears from patients that the black market for drugs behind the walls is waning.
The advocates of the program also talk about balancing risks:


The risk of diversion, “when minimized, pales in comparison to the increased risk of overdose death” after release, he[the jail medical director] says. “These are decisions that should be made by experts in medical treatment, not by experts in security.”

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