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tdj 01-06-2018 05:49 PM

What does "held without bond" mean?
My son's attacker has had an update to his case that is a bit perplexing. The rape charge and assault and battery charge were given bonds of $25,000 each. However, the previous convictions that he was on parole for have been changed from being $2,000 each in bond, to saying, "held without bond". Does this mean he could still bond out if he gets the funds on the new charges? And perhaps no bond is necessary anymore in order to get out on the other charges?

My son was very frightened the other day because he had a nightmare that this guy got out and was attacking and killing all of his family members. Me, his dad, sisters, and some friends. He is convinced that whenever he has a nightmare, that something bad always happens soon after. So that's what prompted me to look up this guys case. My heart damn near stopped when I saw that it looked like he could get out.

Nickel Timer 01-06-2018 06:00 PM

"Held without bond" means he's not getting out. He can't post a bond to bail out of jail. Probably because he now has a parole hold on the prior charges, meaning he'll have to resolve that first before he can post bond on the new charges. And that probably won't happen until the new charges are dealt with in court.

CenTexLyn 01-06-2018 06:40 PM

In many States, once a parole warrant has been issued (which takes some time), there is often no bond that may be posted. This is why some in Texas will remain in custody for a few years while a misdemeanor winds its way through the courts...

yourself 01-06-2018 06:58 PM

OP, you're thinking a recognizance bond, or released on his own recognizance. That means they just give their word that they'll be good and obey all the rules of release, and they don't have to put something down.

Held without bond, as the others have noted, means there is no bond possible that will secure his release. He's staying in jail while things are dealt with. No worries.

Sorry your son is having nightmares about him. This is part of dealing with trauma, but it still sucks.

bailey01 01-08-2018 01:45 PM

"Held without bond" means this person is not getting out. A bond has not been set perhaps there may not be one. Procedures are a little different from state to state however as long as it states held without bond, rest assured he is not getting out.

Usually, judges set it this way when they consider that person to be a danger to society and victims.

Sorry about your son's situation.

tdj 01-08-2018 04:12 PM

The court records have been updated to read that on the parole violations, he stipulated and was given 45 days time served. If he gets into trouble again, they will reapply to revoke.

The assault and battery, and rape case is still ongoing, so technically, if he gets convicted of those, the D.A will automatically apply to revoke, or so I understand. I don't know, but it almost seems as though he has friends high up that keep on cutting him breaks.

tdj 01-11-2018 05:34 AM

Update: I'm not sure what it means by my son's attackers online court case was updated to read, " records of incarceration/electronically transferred". The VINElink textede late last night to say he had been released from custody, but the court records don't show that he made bail at all, only that his records had been transferred. Could they have simply taken him somewhere else?

sass4221 01-11-2018 06:30 AM

VINE is often confusing. Often when it says "released" it means they are being transferred to another facility. Give it a few hours and check again.

tdj 01-11-2018 01:36 PM

[quote=sass4221;7692323]VINE is often confusing. Often when it says "released" it means they are being transferred to another facility. Give it a few hours and check again.[/QUOTE

I hope so. I'm not sure where else they'd transfer him too unless back to prison, but usually they like to deal with the county the charge was filled at. I'm going to check back with the online records to see if it says anything about posting bond. ]

yourself 01-12-2018 07:51 PM

My understanding is he's dealing with two jurisdictions - the one for his parole, and the one for the new offense. He could easily be transferred from one county jail to another as well - this happens in my states when there's going to be a while before the next court date and they want him in a more secure facility. Further, a transfer can be to a forensics psych unit for evaluation as well - if there's a question of fitness, competence, or sanity, then there's going to be a forensic psych stay.

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